Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Relationship Timeline, Dating History

First there was Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson who left us so shook when they got engaged only a few weeks after dating back in June. But after a bit, we soon realized how cute they are together. But now, we’re even more than shook with the news that our bae, Justin Bieber, popped the question to his newly back-together GF, Hailey Bladwin. The two have only been reunited for a few weeks, but it’s pretty clear that their feelings for each other have been building so much since they first met. Did you know their first encounter was nearly 10 years ago?!

Justin and Hailey certainly have a history together. Unlike Ariana and Pete, they’ve known each other for years and have always spoken well about their brief romance in 2015, so it wasn’t too shocking when they got back together. (SIDE NOTE: What was shocking is how Hailey went to the Met Gala with King Shawn Mendes and then completely wiped her Instagram clean of his pics a few weeks after.) So, what lead up to this surprise engagement? It all started in 2009 before Hailey was even a star and when Justin was still singing his pre-pubescent heart out to the tune of “Baby.” Let’s take a trip down memory lane with Jailey’s relationship timeline:

October 2009: They meet at The Today Show.

Let’s throw it back to 2009, when Justin and Hailey first met in the most awkward (yet cute) way. In October of that year, Justin was performing on The Today Show in New York City. It was there that Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, who also works in the entertainment industry, introduced his young daughter to the newly famous Justin. The best part? It’s all on video! You can watch the almost cringe-worthy meeting over and over and over again.

February 2, 2011: She walked the red carpet at JB’s Never Say Never premiere.

After their quick meeting at The Today Show, Hailey obviously fell smitten with Justin and his music because, two years later, in February 2011, she attended the premiere of Justin’s movie, Never Say Never, which, as you know, was an iconic moment in cinematic history. They two even took a pic together (with Hailey’s father, of course).

November 9, 2014: They’re spotted at church together.

After the movie premiere, we don’t really hear anything about Hailey for a bit. Justin goes on to start dating Selena Gomez, but that eventually ends (well… for a bit) by 2014. Around the same time, Hailey makes a resurface alongside Justin and Kendall Jenner. What are the three doing? Going to church together! We know Justin’s spoken out about his religious beliefs before, though, so this isn’t too surprising.



A few days later, Justin takes to Instagram to address the rumors by posting a pic of the two of them and captioning it, “People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.”

Sure, Justin. Sure…

January 3, 2016: It’s official!


Well, that “just friends” phase didn’t last long. After spending New Year’s 2016 together, Justin made the relationship official with a picture of him kissing Hailey. We knew it!

February 11, 2016: They’re not exclusive.


About a year later, Justin spilled some tea during an interview with GQ that broke our hearts. “I ask if Hailey Baldwin is just a friend he kisses. ‘Uh-huh,’ he says,” Caity Weave wrote in the magazine’s profile of Justin. “‘I guess so.’ He later amends his description of her to ‘someone I really love. We spend a lot of time together.'”

So, where does that leave Jailey? Are they a serious item or not?

August 15, 2016: The unfollowing.


Justin unfollows Hailey on Instagram and our hearts are broken. The two then part ways and start dating other people: Justin with a handful of girls and Hailey supposedly with Shawn Mendes.

May 27, 2018: Jailey is back!


Two years later…

n an interview with The Times, Hailey admits that she and Justin are talking again and rebuilding/rekindling their relationship. We’re a little shocked considering she just went to the Met Gala with Shawn. What could this mean!?

June 16-17, 2018: The lip-lock.


The couple is caught in NYC kissing all over the place. Umm, the pair’s definitely doing more than just rekindling their friendship.

June 23, 2018: Back at it again on Instagram.

Justin posts this adorable video of the two of them that leaves fans quaking.

July 2, 2018: A getaway gone wrong.


The couple hops in the Benz for a quick getaway when it breaks down. Oops!

July 8, 2018: Justin gets down on one knee and pops the question!


And the moment we’ve all been waiting for: On July 8, while on vacation in the Bahamas, Justin asks Hailey to marry him! Ahh, we’re crying!

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