Justin Bieber’s Parents Not Happy That He Reportedly Married Hailey Baldwin Without A Prenup First

Justin Bieber’s management team is now racing to get Hailey Baldwin to sign a post-nup agreement

There could be trouble in paradise ahead for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

According to a Thursday report by Radar Online, the 24-year-old popstar’s parents are not at all happy about the fact that their son chose to marry his model fiancée, 21, behind their backs and are even more upset that he did it without making her sign a prenup agreement first.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it appears that Bieber and Baldwin really did get married on Sept. 13 when they spotted heading into the Marriage Bureau in New York City. At the time, it was alleged that the couple had only intended to obtain their marriage license. However, the rumor that they got hitched at the same time quickly began spreading.

While People Magazine and Baldwin’s uncle, actor Alec Baldwin, were confirming that the rumors were true, the couple was doing everything in their power to deny them. But alas, both sources were correct.

At the time of their legal ceremony, the couple did have a witness present—Josh Mehl—a friend from the “Sorry” singer’s church was in attendance with clergyman Jeffrey Quinn presiding.

Now, according to a source, the race to get the proper documents required for a post-nuptial agreement has begun, but is apparently falling on deaf ears.

“His management is fuming and are scrambling to get a postnup drafted for Hailey to sign but they’re both not listening,” the source said. “He’s crazy about Hailey and is completely exposing himself to financial ruins,” the source added.

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Apparently Hailey and Justin are already married. I honestly don’t believe in this theory because it’s pretty weird that this came up today, when yesterday Justin called Hailey as his wife. Besides, the rumors are very strong today but we have to believe in the first source that is Hailey and Justin, and they both denied about being married and also she said the wedding will be in 2019. So, stay tuned for more information ☕ #haileybaldwin #justinbieber #jailey

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The “Love Yourself” singer is reportedly worth $250 million compared to Baldwin’s reported $2 million fortune and while Baldwin did not sign a prenup at the time, it does appear that the couple did contact their lawyers to a get an agreement in place, however, they did so on the very same day they decided to jump the gun and get married, leaving the lawyers insufficient time to get the necessary documents drafted.

To add more fire to the already burning, hot pot, it appears that the “No Brainer” singer’s family is now accusing Baldwin of having “forced the shotgun wedding”, knowing very well that Bieber would’ve preferred them to be by his side when saying “I do”.

“This entire marriage and the no prenup, had to have been Hailey’s idea. Justin wouldn’t rush into something this big on a whim,” the source claimed.

During a recent interview, the blonde-haired beauty did go on record saying she saw “no reason to wait” to become Mrs. Justin Bieber, but to be fair, sources had reported that neither party was interested in having a drawn-out engagement.

Frustrated by the fact that Bieber isn’t heeding their advice, it appears his management team is looking to Bieber’s father, Jeremy, for much-needed help.

“His team is desperately pleading with him to understand the scope of this situation and are asking his father to knock some sense into him,” the source stated.

It has also been reported that the couple does still intend to have a wedding ceremony with both of their families and friends present.

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