Kaley Cuoco Dating Timeline, Who The Big Bang Theory Star Has Dated


Kaley Cuoco has been gracing our TV screens as Penny on The Big Bang Theory for over a decade and, at this point, it’s kind of like we’ve grown up with her. That being said, CBS recently announced that the forthcoming twelfth season will be the last one, meaning that, somehow, some way, we’re going to have to get used to not seeing Kaley on our screens all the damn time.

Although everyone would probably agree that Kaley’s career has been a huge success, she, unfortunately, hasn’t been quite as lucky in her love life. Over the past decade, Kaley’s been linked to quite a few different men, and while some of her relationships ended with engagement or divorce, others hardly lasted very long at all. These days, however, Kaley is a happily married woman, but let’s not forget that it was a long road to get to where she is now. Don’t believe us? We’ve outlined Kaley’s entire dating history for you right here! Check it out:

Thad Luckinbill

Kaley Cuoco’s relationship timeline starts with actor Thad Luckinbill. The couple dated starting back in 2002 when she was just 19 years old, but in the end, they realized that they just weren’t the right fit for each other.

Kaley and the Young and the Restless actor broke things off in 2004, and while it was probably a devastating breakup at the time, their split was just the beginning of Kaley’s extensive dating history.

Kevin Zegers

Back in 2003, Kaley met her next BF, Kevin Zegers, on set. Their romance first began while the two costarred on The Hollow, but after a year together, the couple decided to go separate ways.

After their split, Kevin went on to star on Gossip Girl and then got married to someone else. He and his wife, Jaime Feld, went on to have twin girls together, so it’s safe to say his relaysh with Kaley simply wasn’t meant to be.

Jaron Lowenstein

If you’re a true ’90s kid, you may remember a song called “Crazy For This Girl” by Evan and Jaron. Well, what you may not know is that Kaley actually dated one half of that duo!

That’s right! Kaley and Jaron Lowenstein were together between 2005 and 2006, and throughout their relationship they were spotted on many red carpets together. Unfortunately, this was another one of Kaley’s relationships that didn’t quite work out in the end. Merp.

Al Santos

Next on Kaley Cuoco’s dating timeline is actor Al Santos. Kaley and Al were rumored to have briefly dated in 2007, but still, their short romance is worth mentioning.

Rumors started to swirl that the two struck up a romance while filming their thriller, Killer Movie. And, while the two never exactly confirmed this relaysh, it’s hard to even prove that there was one because there are quite literally no photos of them together on the Internet! Perhaps that’s a testament of how short their romance actually was.

Johnny Galecki

After her rumored romance with Al Santos, Kaley moved on to one of her Big Bang Theory co-stars, Johnny Galecki. As the legend goes, the two dated secretly for two years while they were filming the show, and it actually wasn’t until they ended their relationship in 2010 that they confirmed they were ever together in the first place!

Despite their split, it appears the Kaley and Johnny remained tight friends. We mean, they continued doing the show together and they’ve been spotted together at many events in recent years. Need proof that you can stay friends with your exes? Well, this is it!

Christopher French

After Kaley and Johnny called things off, she dated musician Christopher French in 2011, and from the outside looking in, things actually seemed pretty serious! We mean, the couple even recorded a duet of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” together!

At this point, though, it’s pretty clear that these two were not meant to be since Christopher went on to date — and later MARRY — Ashley Tisdale. Don’t worry, though, folks! Kaley did get her happy ending eventually, too!

Josh Resnik

The following year, Kaley actually got engaged to addiction specialist, Josh Resnik. Unfortunately, though, the couple never quite made it to the altar.

Sadly, five months after Kaley and Josh got engaged, Kaley confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that they called off their engagement. So, how’d she break the news?

Well, when the ET reporters asked her if she had any good ideas for her own wedding by watching a wedding episode of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley said, “I’m not engaged anymore, so no. But in general, yes. For my future wedding, yes!” Yikes… we wonder what happened!

Bret Bollinger

After calling off her engagement with Josh, Kaley seemed to have moved on with another new man by the name of Bret Bollinger. The two packed on the PDA when they sat courtside as a basketball game, but other than that, we didn’t see much more from the couple.

In fact, Kaley and Bret called it quits in January 2013, making this another short-lived romance for Kaley. Luckily, she was soon spotted with a few other hunky guys, so it doesn’t seem like she was down in the dumps about this breakup for as long as one might think.

Henry Cavill

The hunkiest guy on this whole list is undeniably Henry Cavill (a.k.a. Superman himself). However, it’s also the shortest romance included on this list, with his relationship with Kaley clocking in at just 10 days.

That’s right, y’all! The couple was spotted on one singular outing together, when they were out shopping for a Fourth of July party. A few weeks later, however, news surfaced that Kaley and Henry’s whirlwind romance had ended, and TBH, it wasn’t all that surprising. Onto the next!

Ryan Sweeting

Following her 10-day-long relaysh with Henry, it was time to get serious. So serious, in fact, that it included a marriage! Kaley and Ryan Sweeting got engaged in September 2013 after spending just three months together. That’s not all, though! Another three months after that, the couple got hitched!

Unfortunately, in September 2015, after a mere two years of marriage, Kaley and Ryan called it quits. Considering how quickly the couple tied the knot, this didn’t come as a huge surprise to fans. And while it was probably extremely sad and disappointing at the time, Kaley has since found love again.

Paul Blackthorne

After her emotional split from Ryan Sweeting, Us Weekly reported that Kaley quietly moved on with Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne. However, it doesn’t seem like this relationship amounted to much because the two were never spotted out together… like, ever.

Despite keeping their relationship on the DL, Us Weekly reported, “It’s new, but she’s really excited about it.” That excitement didn’t last long, though, because by March 2016, it seemed she was already smitten with someone new.

Karl Cook

So, who was the new guy? None other than Kaley’s current hubby, Karl Cook. The pair was first linked in March 2016 after Kaley posted a photo of the duo on Instagram, and ever since, we’ve shipped this couple hardcore.

This past June, things became extremely serious between the pair when they tired the knot just seven months after they got engaged. This time around, however, we have high hopes that the couple will last forever. In an interview with E! News, she even referred to Karl as her soulmate! That has to count for something, right?

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