Keith Urban Hits Backs At Nicole Kidman Breakup Rumors

He says it’s “a bit rough” having to explain these rumors to his kids.

Keith Urban has had it up to here with explaining to his kids that he and their mother, Nicole Kidman, are not breaking up.

As every parent knows, kids can be sensitive, and they easily jump to the worst possible conclusions when it comes to the state of their parents’ marriage. Some kids, whenever they see their parents arguing in front of them, are quick to conclude that they’re getting divorced or that they’re unhappy.

But imagine if your parents are celebrities, and the newspapers, magazines, and websites are always salaciously reporting on your parents’ impending divorce, even when there’s absolutely nothing to report.

That’s how it’s been for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, and the Country music star says that his kids are just now learning not to believe the tabloid headlines that say he and Nicole are breaking up, according to ET Online. The “You Gonna Fly” singer recently sat down with Australian morning talk-radio show The Kyle And Jackie O Show to lay to rest, again, rumors that he and Nicole are splitting up.

“When you have kids it changes it because that’s really hurtful to kids. They don’t quite understand, and they go, ‘Why are they saying that?’ and you go, ‘Because it sells. It sells magazines. It’s the only reason they’re doing it.’ That part of it is a bit rough.”

At this point, according to The Daily Mail, Keith and Nicole’s two kids, Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, seven, are starting to get it. So long has Keith been explaining “fake news” to them that now they’re finally learning not to believe every salacious tabloid headline they read. That’s good because the process has left him physically ill at times.

“Yeah it does give me the s**ts.”

In particular, Keith is aggravated by the celebrity gossip industry practice of quoting “inside sources.” Keith says that no one close to him or Nicole would ever tell a tabloid that the two are breaking up.

“I particularly laugh when they go, ‘An inside source,’ because anyone who’s close to us knows how bulls**t that is.”

As recently as mid-August, Keith and Nicole were battling breakup rumors, this time in the form of a rumor that they had divorced a year ago but were putting on a show for the cameras. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the rumors emerged when Keith was seen hugging another woman. The two presented a “united front” to shut down those rumors.

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