Kendall Jenner and North West Accidentally Bought the Same Top

A flair for unique fashions clearly runs in the family. 

When Kendall Jenner and niece North West twinned in the same pink feathered top last week, fans thought that the model may have borrowed the shirt from her 5-year-old niece — but Kendall says that it was a complete accident, and they bought the same shirt (apparently at an outlet) without realizing the other had it.

“Oh my god, it’s hysterical. North and Penelope [Disick] I think got it before me at the outlets on the way to Palm Springs a while ago,” she said. “I went a couple weeks later to the outlets and bought the same thing not knowing she got it. We had no idea that each of us bought the shirt.”

The shirt was first spotted on North during dad Kanye West’s Sunday service, and then on Kendall a few days later.

“I got mine tailored a bit so it does look like I’m wearing her miniature shirt,” Kendall admitted.

omg her outfit is so cute i love it ? @kendalljenner

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Once she saw North wearing the shirt, Kendall said, she realized people were going to “freak out.”

“I saw her wearing it and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have that shirt.’ I predicted all this, like it’s literally going to freak people out that I am wearing that shirt,” she told People. “I ended up wearing it really thinking I’m a crazy person. Honestly, I should have lied and said it was North’s shirt because that would be hysterical!”

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They may not have shared the same shirt this time, but Kendall knows a fashion icon when she sees one, and she’s not above borrowing from her niece’s closet (perhaps once North starts buying clothes bigger than that of a 5-year-old’s).

“I would borrow clothes from North,” Kendall said. “She is stylish. She dresses herself, like most of the time she picks out all of her outfits.”

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