Kendall Jenner Stars In Steamy Ad For Not So PG Magazine

Kendall Jenner gets sweaty in her recent video shoot for LOVE Magazine.

The 22-year-old model brought out her inner Rocky on Monday, taking part in a short video for Britain’s LOVE Magazine. The magazine is putting on their annual advent calendar which features some of the world’s top models in quick vignettes on their website.

For Kendall, the theme was a pretty clear Rocky reference, opening with her cracking two eggs into a glass and gulping them down Balboa-style. Then, she dons her grey jumpsuit and gets to work on her boxing footwork before moving onto the jump rope for some intense cardio. Next comes strength training where she makes push-ups her b*tch.

Well, except for the one-armed push-ups.

Even Adrian makes an appearance in the film, played by Kendall once again via some movie magic. A bereted and frilly Adrian-Kendall cheers on the soaking wet Rocky-Kendall before finally ending with a simple message of “stay strong.”

“When you get asked to shoot the advent calendar, it’s highly flattering,” Jenner is quoted at the end of the video. “It’s a chance to have fun and embrace a strong self and always a good time.”

Jenner hits up day four of LOVE’s advent calendar. Day two was done by the buxom Ashley Graham, who got hitched up to a sled to show off her powerful attributes. To her credit, Ashley did actually pull the weighted sled reminiscent of those NIKE commercials that feature people far more into fitness than seems sane. She also squatted and slapped her rear with chalk-covered hands, leaving a suggestive set of prints.

Day three was headed by Emily Ratajowski in a bizarre video featuring the model covering herself in spaghetti, red wine, and olive oil. Wearing nothing but lingerie, strappy high heels, and woolen fingerless gloves, Ratajowski suggestively places spaghetti all over her body, making a complete mess of what was once a pretty tasty looking dinner spread.

“I love pasta,” Ratajowski explains, “and being greased up in olive oil more than life itself!”

LOVE’s advent calendar is going to feature a cavalcade of fashion’s biggest models, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Winnie Harlow and Karlie Kloss.

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