Khloé Kardashian's Out Here Tweeting Some Cryptic Sh*t About Regrets and Kindness


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any Khloé news of the “what the actual fuck is going on over there in Cleveland??” variety. That’s all well and good and presumably means things have settled between her and Tristan Thompson after that whole explosive cheating scandal thing.

And yet. Ohhh, and yet. Khloé’s been tweeting things like this over the past few hours:

You will never ever regret being kind to someone.

Khloé: what?

“You will never ever regret being kind to someone.”

“You will never ever regret being kind to someone??”

“You will never ever regret being kind to someone!!!!?”

Then there was this:

Never give to get. Always try to give without expectations. Whether that be something tangible or emotional.

Again: wHAtTTTTT?

Who knows, really. It very well could just mean Khloé has become entirely zen about the ordeals she’s been through over the past few months … or it could mean she’s harboring a whole bunch of resentment and is really a “revenge is a dish best served cold”-kinda gal.

?Happy One Month True ?

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Only time will tell, reader. Only time will tell.

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