Killer winter storms bury Europe in two-metres of snow and leave 12 dead

Parts of Europe have been ­battered by extreme winter storms, with up to two metres of snowfall.

Twelve people, including a boy of nine, have died this week due to the terrible weather in Alpine regions of Austria and Germany.

Troops have been deployed to help those stranded.

Yesterday workers were clearing up after an avalanche hit a hotel in Schwaegelp, Switzerland, injuring three people.

Meanwhile, Britain enjoyed a mild day with daffodils already blooming in Bristol. But the Met Office is forecasting colder conditions and snow next week.

Earlier today, The Mirror reported today that Snow could strike the UK before the end of January according to a new forecast which says brutal winter weather will sweep over the nation.

A long-range forecast by the Met Office predicts that bitterly cold temperatures and snow will descend on Britain in just a few weeks.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will bear the brunt of the brutal weather but much of the UK will endure freezing conditions.

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