Kim Kardashian Slammed For Going Naked In New Makeup Shoot AGAIN: Are You ‘Selling Boobs’?

Kim Kardashian’s at it again! The mogul’s latest promo for KKW Beauty shows off WAY more than just her new eyeshadow, and it has fans divided. See the wildly sexy pic here!

Just one day after she posted a photo featuring a naked male model, Kim Kardashian, 37, revealed another shocking shot from her latest KKW Beauty ad campaign. In her latest pic, shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle, it’s Kim who’s in the buff, lounging around in a bed with silk sheets while barely covering her breasts. Believe it or not, this is an ad to show off one of the eyeshadows from her upcoming KKW Flashing Lights Collection. While her metallic silver eyeshadow is on point, it’s not exactly the focus of the photo. The only thing separating Kim from an Instagram ban is a strategically-placed sheet and her fingertips. Scandalous! 

As with many of Kim’s posts, her followers and fans are totally divided. Some are obsessed with it and think she looks beautiful (“The queen of all things 😘❤️”), while others are downright offended. The negative comments came rolling in almost immediately. “The only makeup brand that needs to sell eyeshadow by showing boobs 😟,” one critic wrote. “Shame on y really y don t have any talent y have just yr plastic body to show .mam the all the world have see yr body. Stop.i hate y really,” one very disgruntled follower commented. Another chimed in with, “Come on you have a kid you know”. Three, actually. And this doesn’t seem to be affecting her parenting at all, but we digress. And this commenter wrote, “Kim we deadass tired of seeing your body”. Way harsh, Tai.

For every detracting comment, there was a fan defending Kim, though. A fan jumped onto the TL and wrote, “this is exactly what a lot of women do and why she is winning.” You know what? They’re totally right! “The way she presents herself has nothing to do with her parenting. She can take these kinds of pictures all day and it does NOT define her as a parent,” said another fan. Also right! “Kim your Always Amazing and Absolutely Gorgeous keep being you Perfect in every way possible,” wrote an admirer.

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This is far from her first risqué shoot for KKW Beauty, as her fans all know. There was the male model shoot, of course. And at one point, she posed totally naked to promote her highlighters and lipglosses, only covered up with some glitter. Again, nobody was really focusing on her makeup while looking at this, but still. Some negative comments definitely aren’t going to stop her!

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