Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Week outfit exposes hilarious reality of wearing head-to-toe tape

If there's one thing Kim Kardashian knows how to do best it's how to impress in the style stakes.

While she was once shunned by the fashion world, Kim is now a fixture at Fashion Weeks worldwide and for her first set of shows since her divorce from Kanye West, she didn't disappoint.

Newly divorced Kim, 41 celebrated her freedom than by ripping up the style rule book and making her own, agreeing to be wrapped in head-to-toe Balenciaga tape for their autumn/winter 2022 show.

But while Kim certainly stole the limelight at the Paris event, wearing an outfit made from plastic tape comes with its issues – as newly-emerged videos of the star at the show reveal.

Shortly after Kim herself took to her Instagram to show her 290 million followers her taping up process – carried out by a full team including who had to assist her in getting tightly wrapped up over a black lycra body suit – a new clip of her on the move has emerged.

The clip sees the reality star clearly struggling to walk in her get up – with sounds of the unbearable squeaks going viral as the mum of four attempted to move in her ensemble.

We still have so many questions about this look. Probably the most important being – what if she needed the toilet? Can she even go in this ensemble?

Lets hope Kim didn't drink too much Fashion Week Champagne…

They do say 'no pain no gain' though, and Kim has never been one to shy away from a constrictive latex and PVC number, so tape may have seemed like the next logical step for the star.

Hit Instagram account Diet Prada also posted a video of Kim walking in her shocking look, with the caption: "*squeak squeak* Kim Kardashian arrives to the Balenciaga Fall 2022 runway show in Paris. Yes, it’s giving Gaga and yes, the runway is giving McQueen Fall 2003 lol."

Hilarious comments on Kim's look started to come through thick and fast, with one fan writing: "Kim wouldn't last very long in The Quiet Place…." and another adding "Not a sound effect I’d like associated with my walk."

Other fans were quick to add their concern for Kim's bladder, writing "God bless her bladder" and another putting it bluntly with: "How is she gonna pee."

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