King Charles’ crushes revealed: Joan Collins, ‘pinup’ Barbra Streisand

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King Charles’ not-so-secret celebrity crush has always been Barbra Streisand — and he long kept a photo of her in his room at Buckingham Palace.

“‘Barbra Streisand is my only pinup!’” Charles once said, according to the upcoming biography “The King: The Life of Charles III,” out November 8.

“People look at me in amazement when I say she is devastatingly attractive with a great deal of sex appeal,” the royal once wrote.

He became fascinated with the “Yentl” star while studying at Cambridge University in the late 1960s. While his peers were listening to the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Charles played Streisand’s albums constantly,

“A personal favorite: the soundtrack from the 1968 film for which she won an Academy Award, ‘Funny Girl,’” author Christopher Anderson writes. “He saw it three times. A framed photograph of Streisand hung in his rooms at Cambridge and went up on the wall of his bedroom at Buckingham Palace after graduation.”

Charles requested to meet Streisand on the Columbia Pictures set of the “Funny Girl” sequel, 1975’s “Funny Lady.” The two met and chatted for 15 minutes.

He later wrote in his Navy journal that he “really wanted to get to stay and know her,” but she had insisted on getting back to work, Andersen writes.

Charles added: “I still contend she has great sex appeal after meeting her.”

In 1994, Streisand serenaded Charles with “Someday My Prince Will Come” at a gala concert at Wembley Arena in London. Six months later, they met up when the royal arrived in Los Angeles for a whirlwind five-day visit.

Streisand serenaded Charles with “Someday My Prince Will Come” at Wembley Arena in 1994.

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The two had a few private meetings, according to Andersen’s book.

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