Kirpa’s Mysterious Chin Injury Was Finally Explained In This Deleted ‘Bachelor’ Scene

The majority of Monday night’s latest episode of The Bachelor may have centered around the drama between Nicole and Onyeka as well as Elyse’s departure, however, there was a much smaller mystery that deserved to be unraveled that evening, involving a mysterious injury one of the contestants was sporting. So what happened to Kirpa’s chin on The Bachelor? Fans immediately flocked to Twitter to vocalize their concern (and lament how puzzling it was that no one was addressing it on the show). Luckily, ABC has since released a deleted scene that explains how this dental hygienist ended up needing a little more than just a Band Aid.

Basically, when it comes down to it, Kirpa’s accident came from doing the most relatable thing possible. “I was trying to be basic and take a picture in front of the ocean at the start of the sunset,” Kirpa can be seen explaining in the unaired clip. “But it had rained, and I forgot about that.” And it was that right there that proved to be her downfall, quite literally. When rocks get wet, they become very slippery, as this unsuspecting contestant soon discovered. She slipped on one of the rocks, which resulted in a sprained wrist as well as five stitches in her chin. “Thailand f*cked me up!” Kirpa jokingly added. “But not in a good way.”

Thus far in the scene, Kirpa has been given very little screen time in general, but it’s clear after viewing this deleted footage that her presence on the show needs to become a lot more prominent. She has an awesome and fun personality — not to mention that she’s completely capable of laughing at herself. Perhaps Colton has already seen this side of her, which is why he’s kept her around this far into the season, but it’s a delight for fans to see as well. Let’s hope she’s able to nab a one-on-one date soon, thus allowing her to get the attention she deserves.

It’s stuff like this that makes you realize how much you actually miss during each Bachelor or Bachelorette’s respective journeys. There’s a ton of unaired footage during those months that we, as fans, never get to see. At the very least, this should’ve been aired at the end of the episode while the credits roll, if for no other reason just to shed some light on the matter. Heck, someone even created a "Kirpa’s Chin" account on Twitter out of concern for her. (Gotta love the internet, right?)

For her part, Kirpa even got in on the fun, responding to Entertainment Weekly‘s TV Critic, Kristen Baldwin, who wanted to see justice for Kirpa’s chin. "Not my best look," Kirpa responded along with the laugh-crying emoji.

You wouldn’t expect a thing like this to make such a strong impact, but now that we know Kirpa is this delightful and this relatable, she needs to stick around and win that final rose. Colton definitely has a keeper on his hands.

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