Kitten Allegedly Glued To Middle Of A Road, Saved By Oregon Man Who Thought It Was A Box

An Oregon man named Chuck Hawley found a kitten glued to the middle of the road in Silverton, which he believed was a box at first. The man recounted to KPTV that he was just outside of the state capital, Salem, when he saw something in the middle of the road. While initially, Chuck thought that it was a box in the road, he quickly realized that it was a little kitten. This is how he described the scene on Facebook.

“So I’m driving down the road this morning and the cars in front of me are driving over a black thing in the road. It’s going between their tires so I’m guessing it’s a box.”

The man believes that it was an intentional act, and that the kitten wasn’t accidentally glued to the road.

“When I went to pick her up, her feet were stuck to the road, and I’m like uh oh. So I start to pull her feet up – and it was like a rubber cement, so she was glued to the road. It was all under her neck and then she had a little bit down her side, but it was mostly her tail and her feet.”

The incident has been reported to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The vet that saw the kitten after its rescue, Dr. Jenny Bate, also echoed Chuck’s belief that it was an intentional act.

“I mean, what can you think when something like that happens? Your first reaction is disgust, and then what could cause a person to do something like that? Somebody put that glue there, I don’t know how or why, but yeah, I mean, somebody did that.”

Thanks to Chuck, the kitten was saved before another motorist could cross its path. It’s also expected to make a full recovery, and Chuck and his wife are planning on keeping the cat. They’ve named it “Sticky.”

In 2010, a similar incident was reported in southwestern Minnesota. At the time, a reward of $10,000 was being offered for information that would lead to a conviction. In that case, the story ended in tragedy, as a 7-month-old orange tabby kitten was glued to the road by its feet and nose. It died five days after it was glued, and people started making donations in order to find the person responsible, detailed TwinCities Pioneer Press.

The cat in this case was glued to the side of the highway, rather than in the middle of the road, according to the Stevens County Times. While the kitten was found and rescued, it lost “some paw pads, claws, and skin” when the rescuer pulled it off the pavement. And the cat, named “Timothy” by vet staff, passed away days after it was taken in by the Second Chance Rescue Center in Sioux Falls.

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