Kourtney Kardashian Furious Younes Caught Flaunting PDA With Jordan Ozuna So Soon After Split

Kourtney Kardsashian is livid with ex Younes Bendjima putting on a PDA show with Justin Bieber’s bikini clad ex so soon after their split. We’ve got details on how the pics really hurt Kourt.

It’s never easy to seen an ex move on quickly from a relationship. But in Kourtney Kardashian‘s case, she hadn’t even let the world know that things were over between her and Younes Bendjima before his sexy beach PDA with Jordan Ozuna confirmed it. Pics of the hunky 25-year-old model canoodling with Justin Bieber and Tyga‘s bikini clad ex hit the web on Aug. 7, leaving Kourt fuming. 28-year-old Jordan and Younes were hugging, cuddling and more on a Mexican getaway with friends, which forced Kourtney’s hand to admit things were over. The two immediately unfollowed each other on social media, and she completely scrubbed her Instagram account of all pics of him. Now she’s feeling so humiliated.

“Kourtney is furious Younes is flaunting PDA with another woman so soon after their split. It stings for her to see her ex with someone else only days after they were last together. It hurts even more to learn that Younes is getting close to a woman who also hooked up with Justin and Tyga. Kourt finds the whole situation gross and incestuous,” a source close to the reality star tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Jordan does hit a little close to home, as Kourtney and Justin were once allegedly hookup pals, as he allegedly was with the Instagram model. And after her little sis Kylie Jenner, 20, broke up with Tyga in the spring of 2017, the first woman he got with was Jordan, whisking her away for a sexy Mexican getaway.

“Seeing Younes with Jordan makes Kourtney feel horrible and only makes her more secure in her decision to end things with Younes. She really sees it as another immature decision by Younes. Kourtney wishes Younes would have a little class and show more respect to her and their relationship,” our insider adds. The pair was together for 14 months and just came back from a romantic three-week vacation in Italy, so their sudden demise shocked fans. They made it real though when Kourt ghosted Younes off her IG, and he basically did the same to her, leaving up just two pics while he used to have so many.

Younes even tried defending himself via IG stories, saying that he was on a trip with a dozen friends and that the Daily Mail only focused on exclusive pics of just him and Jordan. He also showed a photo of all of his pals gathered at a dinner table, but he still got massively shaded by Kourt’s sisters Khloe, 34, and Kim Kardashian. Khloe commented ““Alexa play ‘Heard It All Before’ by Sunshine Anderson,” with total snark, while Kim wrote, “Nice pics from your ‘boys trip.’” OUCH!

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