What Kourtney Kardashian Said About Co-Parenting With Scott Disick Is Actually Really Sweet

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may have split three years ago, but their relationship now sounds like it may be better than ever. According to a recent interview with People, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are in a great place right now in their co-parenting relationship. In fact, the eldest Kardashian sibling even had the kindest thing to say about her ex-partner and the father of her three children — Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

While the two aren’t together in a romantic sense, they’re still dedicated to maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of their three kids. During a discussion about the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star even revealed the exact state of the pair’s relationship. “I think Scott will always be family, and so we really try to have a good relationship for the kids," she said.

It’s so great to hear that Kardashian and Disick are on such great terms now. And it’s especially sweet to see that the reality star considers her ex to be "family," since after all, he’s a pretty major part of her life. In case you were interesting in seeing how this positive dynamic will play out, rest assured that KUWTK fans will get to see their fair share of the pair on the show.

Kardashian also told People that their respective romantic relationships (hers with Younes Bendjima and his with Sofia Richie) do impact their own co-parenting relationship. She said, "I think you’ll see that on the season a bit, but you know we really do our best to make the kids the priority."

Of course, fans of KUWTK have already seen how those relationships impacted the parents’ dynamic in previous seasons of the E! show. In a January 2018 episode, the mom-of-three told sister Khloé Kardashian that her ex had a less-than-positive reaction to the news about her relationship with Bendjima, per the Daily Mail. She explained to her sibling that Disick had called her at 2 in the morning to chat. During their phone convo, she revealed her relationship with her boyfriend was serious. He then hung up on her.

The whole drama concerning these new romantic relationships, which played out throughout Season 14, led to the pair setting new boundaries with one another. In a later episode in the season, which aired in March 2018, they even had an open and honest conversation about said boundaries, particularly as they concerned their respective homes. It was a pretty big sign that they were finally ready to leave all the drama in the past in order to figure out how to maturely navigate their co-parenting relationship.

It will be interesting to see how the former couple continues to handle their new dynamic, especially in light of their separate and serious romantic relationships with Bendjima and Richie. And even if the pair does face any more conflicts in the future, it seems like they would hopefully be able to maturely handle any of that drama together.

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