Kourtney Kardashian Weighed In On Whether Khloé & Tristan Would Ever Get Back Together

It seems like Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are done for good after the latest public cheating scandal, but it can be hard to keep up with all the latest Kardashian updates. So, will True’s parents ever reunite as a couple? Kourtney Kardashian discussed the possibility of Khloé and Thompson getting back together during a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

As reported by Us Weekly, Ellen DeGeneres said to Kourtney, "They’re broken up. Do you think this is it? Or do you think they’ll get back together again?" In all honesty, Kourtney didn’t have a ton of insight to share, but she did tell the talk show host, "I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think that deeply into it." Unlike the Kardashians’ fandom, whose members think very deeply into it.

Still, Kourtney said, "I know that she’s very strong and that I just feel likes she’s in a really good place." That is saying a lot since Khloé has faced two very public scandals in under a year. In April 2018, cheating rumors involving Thompson came to light for the first time when Khloé was pregnant with her first child.

Then, this past February, rumors spread that the basketball player crossed the line with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend. On March 1, Woods denied getting intimate with Thompson during an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith during Red Table Talk. (Bustle previously reached out to reps for Woods, Khloé, and Thompson on the situation, but did not hear back.)

Not only did Khloé end her romance with Thompson, but she and Woods appear to also be done with their friendship. Khloé unfollowed Woods on Instagram, according to People. She even ranted about Woods on Twitter following the Red Table Talk interview. (Khloé later clarified that she didn’t actually blame Woods for "the breakup of [her] family.")

Shedding some light on the whole situation, Kourtney told DeGeneres during the new interview, "I know what it’s like to want to make your family stay together because I worked really hard at that for many years." It makes sense that she can relate to her sister’s situation. Kourtney and Scott Disick had a very public breakup in 2015. However, at this point, they are experts when it comes to co-parenting. Let’s hope the same for True’s parents.

Kourtney even pointed out some positive aspects of the breakup. She said, "I think [Khloé] is really good at dealing with her emotions." Not only that, but Kourtney shared that "moments like this really bring our family closer together and you realize how important family is." No matter how much drama there is for the Kardashian/Jenner family members, they always do stick together when it comes down to it.

During the April 28 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé discussed the aftermath of the first cheating scandal. She admitted, "Ever since what happened with Tristan and I, nobody knows I fight an inner battle with myself in regards to what is the best thing to do for my relationship and for me."

She also confessed, "It’s hard to overcome cheating." Khloé went on to explain,

While Khloé may be back to where she was a year ago, finding a new normal after another cheating scandal, Kourtney’s comments should give fans a better indication to how she’s coping. As the eldest Kardashian sister made clear, Khloé is strong and handling everything the best she can.

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