Kylie Jenner And BFF Jordyn Woods Will Launch Makeup Collaboration Soon, Reports ‘Daily Mail’

‘We’ve wanted to do this since her company first launched.’

Most fans knew that it was only a matter of time before Kylie Jenner and her BFF, Jordyn Woods, would be working together. This past week at BeautyCon, the Daily Mail shared that Woods and Jenner would be collaborating on an upcoming makeup line, something that has been in the pipeline for quite some time.

“Kylie and I have a makeup collaboration coming out soon. We’ve wanted to do this since her company first launched; we’ve been working on it for years!”

Woods didn’t give out a whole lot of details regarding the upcoming collaboration like when exactly the collection will be released or what exactly it entails, but Woods did say that the point of the collection is for women to be able to achieve a “dewy natural look.” The 20-year-old also says that some of her favorite products are bronzer, concealer and lip gloss, and lash extensions, so perhaps the collection could see some of those things included.

As fans of Kylie know, Woods and Jenner spend a ton of time together, so much so that Woods even moved in with Jenner recently. And since Jordyn is with Kylie basically 24/7, she recently dished about what has changed with Kylie since she became a mom.

“I think just people grow and evolve every day and when you become a parent you have to keep learning and it’s an experience and I have just seen her blossom and mature, so it’s nice. It’s insane, because one: we are 20, almost 21-years-old, and to be even ranked on the list when they could have picked anyone for the cover is amazing, I couldn’t be more proud,” the Inquisitr shared.

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According to many sources, Kylie, Jordyn, and now baby Stormi will star together on the second season of Kylie’s spinoff show, Life of Kylie. Last week, a source told Radar Online that the show is expected to be renewed for a second season and even dished that most footage for the second season of the show has already been shot.

“Fans are really interested in seeing Kylie as a mom to Stormi, and they are also really interested in seeing how she made such a massive fortune in such a short period of time. She is now a role model to so many women out there who think they cannot raise a baby and have a successful career,” a source claimed.

The cameras will also reportedly show Kylie’s soon-to-be 21st birthday bash, but don’t expect baby daddy Travis Scott to make an appearance on the show because he reportedly refuses to be filmed.

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