Kylie Jenner Hints Travis Scott Married, Calls Him 'Hubby' on Instagram

OMG! If you’re anything like us, you probably keep your eyes glued on every single Karjenner Instagram account 24/7 just in case there are any updates. If that sounds like you, chances are you saw Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram story over the weekend, and maybe — just MAYBE — you were just as shook as we were when we saw that she referred to Travis Scott as her “HUBBY.”

That’s right, y’all! ICYMI, the 26-year-old rapper was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and Kylie’s Instagram story proved that she was right there, cheering on her man from the audience. Throughout the night, Kylie posted several video clips of Travis’s performance, but the one she captioned with the word “hubby,” along with three heart-eye emojis, really raised some eyebrows.

Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Sure, it’s very possible that Kylie could’ve just been using the term “hubby” as a pet name for her boyfriend and baby daddy, but considering the reports that surfaced just a few weeks ago claiming that the two have been talking marriage, we can’t help but wonder whether or not they secretly tied the knot.

According to an Entertainment Tonight source, QUOTE, “Kylie and Travis have been inseparable lately, and their love for Stormi just seems to bring them closer every day.”

We know, we know… you’re not fully convinced — at least not yet — that wedding bells are in their present OR their future. And don’t worry, we’re not 100% sold on the idea either. However, there’s simply no denying that it’s very interesting that, in the past, Kylie’s only referred to Travis as things like “baby” and “home,” but never as “hubby.” That is… until now. We mean, even if they’re not married, this has to count for something, right?!

As you can tell, a lot more digging needs to be done in order to find out Kylie and Travis’s current relationship status. Are they engaged? Are they married? Are they just ~in love~? The world may never know!

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