Lamar Odom’s ketamine doctor says his ‘honesty and candor’ will help others

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Lamar Odom’s doctor is grateful that he is speaking out about his ketamine treatments.

Dr. Steven L. Mandel said he was happy to hear that the 41-year-old former NBA star had credited taking small doses of the anesthetic with helping him maintain his sobriety after suffering a devastating overdose in 2015.

The physician, who owns Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles and treats Odom, explained to Page Six in a recent interview that the FDA approved the drug for human use in 1970 and it can help people who suffer from depression, PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

“To have a prominent person call people’s attention to this, it’s a thrill,” Mandel said. “It’s amazing. So I’m very grateful and thousands of people will benefit from his honesty and his candor.”

Mandel added he hopes Odom’s revelation that he took the drug — which is more commonly known as a much-abused “club drug” popular with ravers — as a treatment for addiction could help end the stigma against it.

“I think he’s really a stand-up guy for doing that and I want to acknowledge that,” Mandel said.

“This is a big deal. We have lots of celebrity patients, some of whom really couldn’t function until they came to us. Many of them even say they’re going to come out but because of their own discomforts, they don’t. This is the guy who had the courage to do so and it really will help others.”

Mandel, who has decades of experience administering the drug safely to help patients, explained that Odom came to his clinic “after he tried a number of other things which had not given him the relief he was seeking” and was “thrilled” that he asked him to participate in his upcoming documentary.

Odom, who was previously married to Khloé Kardashian and struggled with addiction, has been taking ketamine treatments for about two years.

Mandel will appear in the new documentary, “Lamar Odom Re/born”, which will be released at 8 p.m. ET via streaming services including YouTube and Facebook on Thursday.

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