Lana Del Rey broods at the beach in ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’

Lana Del Rey has only become less polarizing since her 2011 breakout single “Video Games” galvanized the internet. And with every new release, she fights back against the arguments that she’s not among her generation’s great pop stars — not necessarily by disproving her reputation as a singer who only makes dramatic ballads about love and heartbreak, but by capturing a different yet equally evocative vibe, or by adding nuance to a situation she’s sung about time and again before.

Similarly, “Mariners Apartment Complex” catches Del Rey brooding at the beach — one of her favorite settings — while reaching out to a paramour over a dreamy folk-rock melody courtesy of her collaboration with pop star-favorite producer Jack Antonoff. It’s the first song the duo has worked on together and a promising sign for her forthcoming sixth album ahead.

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