Lance Bass Reveals What Goes Down In The NSYNC Group Text & Gives Hope For A Future Reunion

Lance Bass knows the possibility of another NSYNC reunion, and was happy to EXCLUSIVELY spill it to HollywoodLife! Find out how much the former boy band still keeps in touch, here.

You’ll be surprised by how much Lance Bass, 39, stays in tune with the rest of NSYNC. We caught up with our ’90s dreamboat at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Sir Richard Branson received a star and announced Virgin Fest on Oct. 16! Given that NSYNC just celebrated its 20th anniversary this spring, fans have long been demanding a reunion on stage. Well, Lance finally has an answer for us. “No, I don’t think we’re going to be doing a reunion anytime soon,” he EXCLUSIVELY admitted to HollywoodLife. But don’t fret, as Lance wasn’t finished. When asked if a reunion is still a possibility, he exclaimed, “Oh, of course! As long as we’re still all around, yeah!” And get ready to sweat over more NSYNC news. Lance gave HL insight into how active the former boy band’s group chat is.

“Oh, we talk daily,” the singer revealed. Pinch us. He continued, “But we’ve now become fashion designers, so our capsule number two comes out next week. We’ve been working really heavily on that.” The NSYNC Capsule Collection: Vol. 2 just dropped today, which they announced on Instagram! We’ll take one “I Want You Back” T-shirt, please. Recall that for their 20th anniversary, the group gifted us with its first capsule collection of merchandise and the “Dirty Pop-Up” shop in Los Angeles! The new venture has changed the tune of their texts. “So instead of horrible memes of us as teenagers, it’s now very corporate,” Lance shared. “Our texts now are like, ‘I don’t like this picture, what do you think about this? What if we do a hoodie like this?’” Whether it’s corporate talk or memes, we’re just thrilled NSYNC is still a tight unit!

Lance even gave us an update on his surrogacy journey with husband Michael Turchin, 31! We’ve told you that him and Michael were on their fifth egg donor on Sept. 26. “Fingers crossed in the next couple of months we’ll be pregnant,” he EXCLUSIVELY told us during another chat last month. Three weeks later, and Lance reveals that “it looks like this fifth one is actually going to work.” They may even be expecting more than one baby! “So the next step is hopefully getting the embryos made in the next few weeks,” Lance continued. “We’re going to pick the healthiest embryo of his and the healthiest embryo of mine and put it in and hopefully have twins.”

NSYNC disbanded in 2002 and linked up again in 2013 to perform at the MTV VMAs. But it was quite the coincidence we got Lance to dish on the chances of a reunion at the Hollywood Walk of Fame! After the MTV reunion, Lance, along with members Justin TimberlakeJoey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick, came together again at none other than the Walk of Fame to receive their own star in April of this year.

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