LeBron James Moving To Los Angeles Lakers? Why NBA Insider Thinks It’s A ‘No-Brainer’

Will LeBron James soon become a Los Angeles Laker? Here’s what an NBA insider told HL EXCLUSIVELY about his chances of heading to the West Coast!

LeBron James has an enormous decision ahead of him — to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or to branch out to a new team in his unceasing quest to win more championships. An NBA insider told us EXCLUSIVELY that the option of moving to the Los Angeles Lakers is not only tempting; it just makes sense. “LeBron’s interest in the Lakers is multifaceted,” our source said. “There’s the lifestyle for starters. Let’s face it, the lifestyle that LA offers, when you’re an athlete of LeBron’s standing, is pretty much second to none. The restaurants, weather, beach, shopping, culture, clubs — LA has it all, and it’s impossible to beat on that front. Then there’s the lucrative endorsement deals, because Hollywood really knows how to sell stars better than anywhere else, so he’s guaranteed to get maximum bang for his endorsement buck.”

But his choice of LA also has to do with his longer term of goals post-retirement. “Then finally, there’s his future to consider, after he retires from basketball,” our source added. “LeBron has been very vocal about his desire to become one of the major players in the entertainment world, and he’s already a pretty big fish. LeBron’s company Spring Hill Entertainment, which is located on the Warner Brothers lot, has a bunch of TV and movie projects in the pipeline already, and he’s also the creator of a hugely successful media project called Uninterrupted, with his buddy Maverick Carter, that’s the most viewed sports show on the internet.”

When it comes down to it, Los Angeles seems to be the only city that has everything the King could want. “Being in LA has got to be a really attractive prospect if LeBron wants to build further on his dream of becoming a Hollywood mogul,” our source went on to say. “It’s kind of a no-brainer really when you think about it.” Time, and not a lot of it, will tell whther or not this proves true.

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