LeBron James Won’t Be Haunted By Game 1 Mistakes — Why He Thinks The Cavs Will Win Game 2

LeBron James is feeling confident for Game 2 of the NBA Finals on June 3 despite the Cleveland Cavaliers loss of Game 1 and he’s using a positive mentality to beat the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James, 33, is ready to come out on top with his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers at Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors on June 3 and he’s not letting any previous mishaps shake his confidence! “LeBron did everything one can do to win and it took only a handful of mistakes in crucial moments to ruin it all for the Cavs,” a source close to LeBron EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The silver lining of it all though is that it showed LeBron that they can definitely beat Golden State and he plans to take that mentality to this weekend’s game as he expects to win on Sunday and the series and he is not thinking of any other outcome. ”

Woah! It sure sounds like LeBron has what it takes to do his best! The finals have been off to a rough start for the Cavs so far but LeBron knows what it takes to become a champion so it’s good to know he’s not giving up! He even showed off his confidence with this wardrobe too. The basketball player made headlines when he showed up to the finals in a suit with shorts so we definitely know he means business and is proud of who he is!

In addition to LeBron’s struggles before his confidence, his teammate, Tristan Thompson, 27, had an incident during Game 1 when he got into an altercation with Warriors player Draymond Green after being automatically ejected from the game due to a foul. Tristan and Draymond exchanged a few words before Tristan got angry and pushed the basketball into Draymond’s face. He was fined $25, 000 for his actions.

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