‘Legacies’ Recap: Hope’s Story Continues In ‘TVD’ Spinoff & She’s Blindsided By A Betrayal

‘The Vampire Diaries’ universe is expanding with ‘Legacies.’ Hope Mikaelson is back, alongside Alaric and other fan faves. In the series premiere, danger looms and a huge mystery is unveiled

Legacies starts off in Atlanta with familiar face Landon and his friend Rafael. They head to a church where Rafael’s foster parents are waiting for him. They tell Landon to go outside, and they lock themselves in. Rafael’s pinneddown while a priest performs an exorcism. Rafael starts to turn into a werewolf. Hope and Alaric show up and walk into the church like total badasses. They stop the exorcism and make sure Rafael doesn’t hurt anyone. Landon watches in shock as all of this goes down.

Needless to say, Landon’s a little caught off guard by what he’s seen. Alaric and Hope take Landon and Rafael “somewhere safe,” a.k.a. the Salvatore School. Alaric, the headmaster, has questions about Rafael, mostly about who he’s killed recently. Landon refuses to believe Rafael is a killer. Alaric just wants to know that it’s safe to have Rafael stay with the other kids. Landon admits that Rafael took a turn too fast while driving, and his girlfriend, Cassie, was killed.

MG, Alarci’s student aide and teenage vampire, comes by to compel Landon to forget what he’s seen and heard. When he can’t be compelled, he tries to run off. He’s taken to the cellar to wait while the vervain leaves his system. Landon asks Hope to wait in the cellar with him, but she doesn’t entertain the idea.

Alaric’s daughters — Josie and Lizzie — are all grown up now. Josie is still recovering from a breakup with her ex, Penelope. Lizzie sets her sights on Rafael, but her first impression isn’t exactly a good one. She gets nervous around Rafael. Like all teenage girls, she has a bit of a freakout. She screams and destroys the kitchen! Meanwhile, Hope and Alaric have a training session by the water. They have a fun dynamic. He’s almost more of a brother figure than a father figure. Later, Hope goes to see Landon in the cellar. He calls her out for leaving so much. “I’m dangerous to people,” she says. He gets a little break from the cellar when Josie summons him to a party.

While Alaric’s trying to meditate with Lizzie, she gets deep. “Dad, do you think I’m broken?” she asks him. The look on Alaric’s face is absolutely heartbreaking. He tells her that she just has a “legacy of darkness” that she has to work through. Josie and Lizzie are complete opposites, and I’m anxious for the show to explore their personalities more. Alaric brings up the idea of Hope and Lizzie being friends. Lizzie says that Hope doesn’t make any effort. Alaric brings up the fact that Hope’s lost a lot, but Lizzie claps back that everyone has lost a lot.

At the party, Josie talks to Rafael. They have a moment, and he opens up about Cassie. “You should give Lizzie a second chance,” Josie says, when she realizes she’s getting too close. “Lizzie is the best person that I know.” While walking through the woods, Landon runs right into the wolf version of Hope. She takes him back to the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library and points out the supernatural artifacts. Landon looks at one knife in particular. Hope explains her family’s history to Landon. “People I care about have a tendency to die on me,” Hope says. She reveals that she’s a tribrid — a vampire, werewolf, and a witch. When Landon thinks he’s not going to remember anything after tonight, he takes a chance and kisses Hope!

Penelope is going to be the resident troublemaker, so watch out for her. She tempts MG into a makeout session, and Josie walks right in on it. Later on, Josie and Lizzie have a heart-to-heart. Lizzie makes Josie feel better about MG making out with Penelope, a.k.a. the “dark lord.” Lizzie advises her to focus on someone new. Josie’s doing just that, but Lizzie’s setting her sights on Rafael, too!

The next morning, Landon wants to stay at the Salvatore School. Alaric refuses. MG tries to compel him again. Landon walks out, and Hope watches him go. It doesn’t take everyone long to realize there’s one major thing missing — that knife from the library. Hope refuses to believe Landon’s a liar, but it’s clear he just pretended his memory was erased. “If he can’t be compelled, that means that he is a supernatural being,” Alaric says. What is Landon then?!

When Hope sees Josie light Penelope on fire in revenge, she asks her to do a locater spell on Landon. He’s on a bus and realizes the knife is glowing. The knife turns a fiery orange and keeps getting brighter and brighter. The next scene features Matt Donovan, Hope, Alaric, and a charred bus. Everyone’s been incinerated inside. Landon is nowhere to be found. “Turns out Landon isn’t the hero of my story at all,” Hope says in the voiceover. “But when I hunt him down, I’m going to be the villain of his.”

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