Leo’s Time On ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Up, But Fans Will Never Forget His Amazing Hair

With hometown dates coming up next week, it’s time for The Bachelorette to get serious — and that’s why Becca Kufrin has had to make some tough decisions on Monday night’s episode. But why did Becca send Leo home in the first place? He made an abrupt exit during the three-on-one date, but it does seem like it was for the best, especially since Becca ultimately wasn’t as into him as she is into her other contestants.

After her one-on-one dates with Garrett, Colton, and Blake, Becca was left with three men standing: Leo, Wills, and Jason. Obviously, a three-on-one date was the only way to narrow it down to just one of those guys (since only four can continue on to hometown dates), and it gave her time to chat with each of them privately. But after hearing what Leo had to say, she made the very difficult choice to send him home.

Yep, it’s true: Despite how much fans loved Leo, his long locks, and his sweet personality, Becca had to say goodbye to him during their date, but in the end, it seems like she made the right decision, since his feelings for her just weren’t mutual.

When he and Becca had the chance to talk in private on the beach, Leo got right down to it. He asked her if her relationship with him was progressing at the same rate that it is with the other guys who are still in the running, since for him, he knew his feelings weren’t moving as quickly as some of the others.

"For me, I need to take more time to get there, for sure," he told her. "I think hometowns is a phenomenal way to find out."

That seemed to prompt Becca to get real with Leo, as she has been with all of her contestants all season long. She appreciated his honesty, but ultimately, it didn’t sound like the chemistry was there — and seeing her with Garrett, Blake, and Colton, it was obvious that Leo was up against some truly tough competition.

"I’m glad that you’re telling me all this because I do want that honesty and I appreciate it and I know it’s not easy," Becca told Leo. "But I’m not gonna lie, if I’m being honest with you — that does scare me, because I want to go into next week with confidence in these relationships, and I mean, we both recognize we’re not as far along as some of the other relationships, really. And I know that is tough on you, and it’s tough on me. I think it’s only fair to you to not go back to your family because I would never want to bring in something that means so much to you if we’re not 100 percent."

It makes sense, and it’s probably better that Becca didn’t want to lead Leo on for any longer. She admitted that it was "really difficult" to send him home, but at that point, she was just more connected to Jason and Wills, and they were who she could see a potential future with. And isn’t that why she’s on this show in the first place?

"Family’s my number one, and with Leo, I didn’t feel confident that we are at that place where it could go to a hometown with him," she told the other guys after Leo left. "It’s how my heart is feeling right now."

Good for Becca for following her heart. Hopefully, she’s up for a lot more of that, because the season isn’t over, and she still has a lot of hard decisions to make. And as for Leo? Well, fans are definitely going to miss him — and his hair.

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