Lidl launches a 5kg box of fruits and vegetables for only £1,50

Lidl launches a 5kg box of ‘damaged’ fruits and veg that’s ‘too good to waste’ – and it will only cost you £1.50

  • Lidl is rolling out boxes filled with 5kg of vegetables and fruits for only £1,50
  • You will be able to buy these boxes from store opening time to midday everyday 
  • Unsold boxes will be donated to charities through Lidl’s Feed it Back programme
  • Morrison’s also rolled out similar boxes in 2018, with £1 for 1kg worth of goods 
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Lidl is rolling out £1.50 boxes containing 5kg of vegetables in a new initiative to reduce food waste. 

The ‘Too Good To Waste’ fruit and vegetable boxes will contain vegetables and fruits that are slightly damaged, discoloured or deteriorated, but are still good to eat. 

All the boxes will be supervised by ‘Freshness Specialists,’ to guarantee the quality of the produce. 

They will be available from opening time until midday, and any leftover boxes will be given to local good causes through Lidl’s surplus food redistribution programme, Feed it Back.

‘We’re therefore really excited to be rolling the boxes out to all of our stores nationwide,’ said Christian Härtnagel, CEO of Lidl GB. 

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The ‘Too Good to Wsate’ boxes will be available from opening time to midday, after which they will be donated to local charities

‘And we’re really pleased to see that it’s also starting to be adopted by other supermarkets,’ he added, in a nod to Morrisons, who rolled out similar boxes in December 2018.

The boxes rolled by Morrisons cost £1 and contained 1kg of produce produce past its best-by date, but that’s still safe to eat.  

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The Lidl scheme will soon be rolled out in branches across the UK.

‘The really brilliant thing about this initiative is that, not only is it helping to tackle the highly important challenge of food waste, it’s also helping our customers make even more savings,’ he added. 

 Lidl is rolling out 5kg boxes of food and vegetables for only £1,50 in an effort to cut down on food waste

Lidl trialed the boxes in 122 stores before rolling it nation-wide. The chain hopes it will encourage people to reduce waste

‘It’s a great example of how we, as discounter, can utilise our lean and efficient business model to fulfil our mission to make good, healthy food more affordable and accessible, whilst acting sustain-ably.’ 

The company says its boxes are ‘different from ‘Wonky Veg’ boxes sold by other supermarkets. 

It claims to be working closely with its suppliers to ‘ensure a degree of flexibility with specifications at different times of the year, to include items within its standard product lines.’

Back in December 2018, Morrisons rolled out its own boxes, which cost £1 for 1kg worth of produce

Lidl first trialed the boxes in August 2018.  The discounter claims it sold more than 50,000 Too Good To Waste boxes in 122 stores nation and prevented 250 tonnes of food going to waste.  

In 2018, it was revealed that a third of all fresh fruit and veg is binned every year in the UK. 

Across Europe, more than a third of fresh produce is discarded, meaning in the UK 4.5million tons is thrown away. 

The University of Edinburgh, who conducted the study, described food loss and waste as ‘one of the great scourges of our time’, when ten percent of the world’s population is chronically hungry. 

Their findings stated: ‘The use of aesthetics for classifying and accepting fresh food for sale and consumption is built into food quality standards and regulations of the European Union.

‘Produce that doesn’t meet these standards may be lost from the food supply chain, never seeing a supermarket shelf – it may not get past the supplier, or even leave the farm.’

‘Our estimates suggest over a third of total farm production is lost for aesthetic reasons.’

The university said the climate change impact of growing the wasted food – some of which may be ploughed back into fields, used in animal feed or otherwise reused – is equivalent to the carbon emissions of almost 400,000 cars.

It was also revealed that households in Britain are throwing away a whopping £15billion of good food each year. 

The UK’s total food waste is estimated to be 10.2million tonnes. 

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