‘Lightseekers Awakening’ Card Review: Zuna Is A Risky Hero

Zuna provides card advantage for a price.

Zuna is one of five exclusive Lightseekers cards featured in the Lightseekers Awakening Tech Starter Deck. This rare Tech Hero card grants you superior access to both the Explosives and Time elements, along with normal access to Mechanical. With a starting life total of 29, it’s Zuna’s ability which can either pay off dividends or end up coming back to haunt you.

Zuna’s ability allows you to “Draw 2 cards. Your enemy Draws 1 card.” As we’ve seen with Treanu from the Nature Starter Deck, the ability to draw cards with your Hero can be a powerful one. This time around though, the drawback is that your opponent will be drawing a card too. In Lightseekers, card advantage is extremely important, but is it worth using Zuna’s ability?

By using Zuna you’re hoping that the two cards you’ll draw with one of your actions will be better than the one additional card your adversary will gain. While simple math would suggest that it is (you’re getting two cards while they’re only getting one), it’s important to note that you’re using up one of your turn’s valuable actions to use Zuna’s ability. Your rival won’t have to use one of their actions to draw that card from your activation of Zuna. While you’ll be up in card advantage from using Zuna, the immediate result is that you’ll be behind in tempo and will be sacrificing the chance to advance your board state.

Zuna’s drawback can actually be transformed into a boon, though. There are a couple cards which we’ve seen that refer to the number of cards in an opponent’s hand. One example is Kreebal Infiltrator, which is also included in the Tech Starter Deck. It is an uncommon buff that will “Deal 2 damage to your target at the start of your turn if they have 5 or more cards in their hand.” Just a few triggers from Kreebal Infiltrator could be enough damage to help you win the game, especially if you have more than one in play.

Another Lightseekers Awakening card which can potentially offset Zuna’s disadvantage is Kreebal Jester. Kreebal Jester forces your opponent to discard down to seven cards in their hand. Kreebal Jester is very conditional and a one-time shot. In our playtesting, Kreebal Jester was most effective against other Hero cards that tend to draw a lot such as Treanu. In other matchups Kreebal Jester would sit in our hand, even though we were activating Zuna each turn.

This isn’t to say Zuna isn’t powerful though. Zuna doesn’t actively work against you in keeping your opponent alive like Treanu does. We were able to dig quickly into our deck for combo cards and answers to our opponent’s buffs, and games tended to end much more quickly – one way or the other.

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