Lionel Richie Proves He’s Still Got It With Incredible ‘American Idol’ Finale Performance

Lionel Richie reminded us why he’s successful when he took the stage with the top 10 contestants to sing an incredible rendition of “All Night Long” during the opening of the May 21 ‘American Idol’ finale.

Lionel Richie, 68, gave a legendary opening performance of “All Night Long” with the top 10 contestants on the American Idol finale on May 21 and it was everything! The most experienced judge of the show proved he’s still got what it takes to put on an incredible act with the much younger singers and it was so exciting to see! Lionel worked it in a blue sequined jacket that read “All Night Long” on the back while he sang and danced with the excited former contestants. He was also joined by talented trumpet players that really got the party started and it was a fantastic way to get the most important episode of the season’s show started!

Although Lionel’s been on every episode of the American Idol season, this is the first time we saw him put on a full performance with the hopefuls. The music veteran has been one of three judges along with Katy Perry and Luke Bryan for the singing competition show’s revival and his advice and support has definitely been a huge contribution to the contestants. From giving constructive criticism that centers on the difficulty of the music industry to telling the top performers how much he loves them, we’ve loved seeing Lionel’s memorable moments on the show.

The double duty of being a judge and performing for the season’s finale was also taken on by Lionel’s fellow judges Katy and Luke. It brought a different dynamic to the stage for the contestants, who are so used to being told what to do and what not to do by the singers. It was great to see them all out there letting loose and enjoying the chance of a lifetime to perform with some of the best artists in the world!

It was amazing to see Lionel performing again! He’s been such a pleasure to watch as a judge this season and we’re incredibly grateful for his talent!

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