Literally Just A Bunch Of Pics Of Mike’s Cute Dog, Which Every ‘Bachelorette’ Fan Needs

Contestants on The Bachelorette will try just about anything to stand out from the crowd. Some will inevitably try cheesy pick-up lines. Others will roll up in a fancy cars. A recent promo reveals that one contestant even shows up in a chicken suit. But one contestant who might have a different kind of secret weapon? Bachelorette contestant Mike has a dog named Riggins, and he should totally use him to help win Becca’s heart.

Mike’s ABC biography reveals that he attended Notre Dame and now works as a football analyst, and WCPO Cincinnati reports that he works at Pro Football Focus. A quick scan of his Instagram reveals that Mike loves to rock a man bun, play basketball, and hang out with his friends. He also seems to be a festive guy, as his bio reveals that he loves festivals, horse races, and state fairs. It’s unclear whether these festivals are more like Coachella or more like a Renaissance fair, but either way he sounds like a fun guy to hang out with.

But maybe even a better catch than Mike himself is Mike’s Bulldog, Riggins. First off, there’s the name. Is it an homage to the beloved Friday Night Lights character, Tim Riggins? Let’s all choose to believe so. It would definitely be in line with Mike’s love of football. Then, there’s the fact that he is pretty frickin’ cute. And Becca clearly loves her dog, which gives the pair something to bond over. But honestly, even if Mike doesn’t make it very far in the show, at least America will get to be meet Riggins, perhaps the world’s cutest bulldog.

I mean, common. Is that not a cute dog? If Riggins was a competitor on Doggie Bachelorette, he would definitely be a frontrunner.

If Mike was smart, his limo exit should definitely feature an appearance of Riggins. Who could say no to those puppy dog eyes?

Mike loves Riggins so much that he even had this portrait painted of them. Riggins is cuter in real life than he is in portraiture, but he clearly likes mugging for the artist. Maybe if Mike wins Becca’s heart, they can have a new portrait made that includes Becca and her dog.

Though he might easily be able to steal Becca’s heart, poor Riggins might not do as well at the Bachelor mansion’s pool. This video featuring Riggins’ first swim shows the little guy freaking out as he struggles to get back out of the pool. If Becca decided to have a pool party instead of a cocktail party one week, Riggins might find himself left out.

Mike’s pure love of Riggins, displayed here in this incredibly tender picture, shows that he is capable of loving someone with his full heart. That kind of boundless, unconditional love is exactly what Becca needs to find after Arie broke up with her on national television. Right now Mike’s heart might be entirely captured by Riggins, but there is room to love another, and maybe that other person is Becca.

And Riggins seems eager to compete. If Riggins and Mike come as a package deal, Becca would win two awesome new additions to her life if Mike becomes her new fiancé. And, she clearly already loves dogs, so a big check on that one.

Whether or not Mike and Becca are compatible remains to be seen. But it’s definitely possible that these dog owners bond over their shared love of canines. And worst comes to worst, at least America now knows about the world’s cutest dog, Riggins and his owner Mike.

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