Little boy gets stuck inside tree on first post-lockdown park trip

His first time out of lockdown, this British tot managed to get stuck in a tree.

After nine weeks of not going further than around the block due to the coronavirus isolation in Merseyside, England, 4-year-old Finley Ibrahim took a trip with his mother and three brothers to a local park — and quickly became lodged inside a tree-trunk hole.

“I ran over, and I just spotted the top of Finley’s face, with a hand and an arm poking out, and I was mortified at the time, thinking, ‘Oh my word, what am I going to do?’ ” says Finley’s mom, Lindsey, according to Kennedy News & Media.

Finley, meanwhile, was quite amused by the situation, which took place in Eastham Country Park, a 10-minute drive from their home.

“He said, ‘Look, Mummy, I’m stuck like a bug in a rug,’ and then he asked, ‘Are you going to have to take my head off to get the rest of my body out?” says Lindsey. Finley’s 7-year-old brother Riley also found the predicament hilarious, while 8-year-old sibling Harrison was a bit more concerned. But it seems 16-month-old Charlie was a bit too young to process what was happening.

Lindsey’s bad back prevented her from pulling her son out, and her husband, Terry, was working at home, so she approached a random father who was also in the park and asked for help.

“I was embarrassed to ask because of social-distancing, so he had all the right to say no, but he found the funny side and offered straight away to help,” she says. “He came over and the guy was like Spider-Man: He just sprang to the top of this tree trunk, he pulled him hard a few times and then Finley popped out the top.”

After 15 minutes trapped in the tree, Finley was again a free boy. Lindsey isn’t sure what she would have done if the man hadn’t jumped into action. “He was like a hero,” she says. She shared photos of the ordeal on social media but has yet to identify Finley’s mystery savior, admitting she “didn’t catch” his name.

While briefly alarming, the tree-trunk incident is retrospectively a sweet memory, says Lindsey.

“The photos will certainly go in the family album, and Finley can go back to school with this really good story,” she says.


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