Lorde Wants Fans To Stop Giving Her Acne Solutions

Lorde has had enough of people giving her acne advice! The New Zealand singer may have just turned 21, but the star is still dealing with a very annoying skin problem, acne!

Acne is incredibly common and can affect anyone from teenagers to adults and although there is an endless array of treatments, they may not always work for everyone. By the time you’re an adult, you’ve had plenty of time to dabble with countless products and treatments that swear to clear up your spots.

Along with the disappointment that comes along with failed products,  you’ll probably encounter people who will share their insights on how to cure acne as if they’ve been in the medical field their whole lives. One person who has certainly had enough of the unsolicited advice is Lorde, and we don’t blame her!

The “Royals” singer took to her Instagram to write: “For real though, acne sucks” after sharing a photo of herself using an acne LED light therapy device. She then shared an Instagram video explaining to those watching how she has had “acne for years and years,” and constantly encounters people who say things like “you know what worked for me? Moisturizing!” the singer said as if she hadn’t already tried that.

The 21-year-old continued telling viewers about the non-stop advice she receives from people over the years. “Make a mask out of honey, Greek yogurt, and avocado!” is one of the many treatments she’s been told works for others. “Coconut oil. The secret is coconut oil” or an “apricot scrub” are some others to name a few.

The singer couldn’t help but contain her eye-roll at those suggesting that her acne is caused by a lack of hygiene. “And the very worst one, of course, is when people think you’re just dirty,” she said. “Do you wash your face?” is a question the star gets asked far too frequently, and of course she does! Lorde told her fans that she is simply “genetically cursed!” as many of us are!

It is no surprise that everyone’s skin works and acts differently, and no amount of honey, avocado or yogurt on your face is going to alter your own DNA. She finished the video off by reassuring anyone who is currently struggling with acne by saying: “I feel your pain. Well get there, I promise,” she says. We sure hope so too Lorde, we really do!

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