L’Oreal Paris Names Céline Dion as Its Newest Spokeswoman

Age is just a number, and global musical phenom Céline Dion is the perfect embodiment of that adage. Today beauty brand L’Oreal Paris announced that they’ve tapped the legendary performer, known for her powerful vocals and unmatched stage presence, as their newest spokeswoman. Dion will make her debut in a campaign for L’Oreal’s Excellence Hair Color.

“I never thought that L’Oreal Paris one day was going to ask at me, at 51 years old, to become an ambassador. It’s a miracle,” the “My Heart Will Go On” singer said to a sweeping, sun-filled room full of international media at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. “The world is changing and L’Oreal is part of that in a positive way, because it’s telling women today that you have dreams and you have the right to speak. You have the right to do and realize what you want. And it’s about time that women in the society today become stronger.”

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Dion said she’s discovered a newfound strength in herself. The record-breaking performer and mother of three has been selling out Las Vegas residences for years. She’s also become a regular fashion plate, repeatedly breaking the internet with bold fashion ~lewks~ and a general badass vibe. “For me, when I change from one outfit to another, it changes my demeanor and L’Oreal is giving us an opportunity to walk and to feel beautiful,” she said, snapping her fingers and puffing her chest for emphasis. “Feeling beautiful makes you feel strong and feeling strong makes you succeed.”

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And although her tenure in Las Vagas will soon come to an end (she’ll take her last bow at Cesar’s Palace this June), Dion has some more tricks up her — probably couture — sleeve. “When you think I’m done, I’m just starting,” she quipped. “I’m coming out with a new album…like it’s not enough, right? I’m going on tour as well.” So, you can expect to see a lot more of Ms. Dion and her big Aries energy in the coming months!

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