Lorraine Kelly squeals in horror at man with pierced penis on Celebrity Gogglebox

ITV's Lorraine Kelly left the comforts of her daytime show to be horrified on national telly over a bloke's pierced chopper.

The 61-year-old saw the shocking sight when she appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox and watched Naked Attraction on Channel 4 with her daughter Rosie.

Lorraine spoke about her appearance on the show on her ITV show this morning.

Speaking of her experience on Gogglebox, Lorraine recalled how she was left horrified over the pierced penis.

She also said she and her daughter loved appearing on it as it was "just like the two of us watching the telly and just laughing, a lot".

A teaser of tonight's show was then aired, with Lorraine moaning: "Oh jeez."

In the hilarious clip, Lorraine can be seen looking and pointing at her TV as she asks Rosie: "What's that?"

With a man's pierced penis appearing blurred onscreen, Rosie replied: "That's a piercing."

A shocked Lorraine gasped: "On your winkie?!"

Giggling, Rosie nodded before her mum continued: "Oy, yoy oy! That's gotta hurt!"

She added: "I don't know how…"

Glancing at her mother, Rosie also began showing her surprise by asking how the procedure is carried out.

Both looking baffled, Lorraine said: "How they actually do the bizzle?"

Explaining the clip from her studio this morning, Lorraine said: "Yes, we were watching Naked Attraction, which was an eye opener! I've never seen it before and, oh, I don't think I want to see it again!"

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