‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Recap: Kirk Moves Back In & Sierra Confronts Shooter

On the April 15 episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’, Rasheeda lets Kirk move back in while Sierra finally confronts Shooter about his alleged love children. Plus, Keely gets everyone all worked up.

Lets start with Rasheeda Buckner Frost and her husband, Kirk Frost. After Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie, goes to him to tell him about the sexy trainer from the April 2 episode and how Rasheeda’s not afraid to move on, he decides it’s time to make a big move. Literally. Kirk packs up his things and shows up at Rasheeda’s door ready to move back in without question. The problem? Rasheeda only just recently asked him to respect her boundaries as she deals with their marriage troubles, including the fact he cheated on her. Kirk wins Rasheeda over after begging her to forgive him and asking that they start to work on their relationship together, not apart. She lets him in, but she sets more boundaries for him — so how long until he breaks them?

Yung Joc brings everyone together for his roast at a local club in Atlanta. Tokyo Vanity attends with her boyfriend, Tabius Tate, but also invites her friend, Karlie Redd, who happens to be Joc’s ex. Shooter Gates is also there with a friend, Keely “The Boss” Hill, who we met on the April 2 episode when Just Brittany brought her to Stevie J‘s. gathering. When Keely meets Tokyo she makes a joke about her “double dating” with Karlie and Tabius, which we later find out is because she knows that Karlie and Tabius used to hook up. Awkward! Keely also goes in on Shooter’s estranged wife, Sierra Gates, in front of Karlie and Tokyo who happen to be good friends with Sierra. According to Keely, Sierra wasn’t very supportive when his son was shot and killed. On top of that, Keely reveals that she set up Shooter, who is still married to Sierra, with one of her friends. The night ends with the girls all yelling at each other while leaving in different directions.

Speaking of Keely, absolutely nothing gets resolved when it comes to the three-way drama between Just Brittany, Erica Mena and Estelita. In fact, Brittany turns on Keely when she suggests that the three women come together for the showcase. This shows everyone that she’s not really interested in being professional when it comes to the beef with Erica and Estelita, which is not a good sign for Mimi Faust and Keely. Meanwhile, Mimi and Keely meet with Erica separately where she apologizes for what happened but tells them she wants no part in Stevie J’s showcase.

Later, Karlie and Tokyo meet up to talk so that Karlie can tell Tokyo the truth about Tabius. This is great, because it’s better the news come from Karlie than someone else — like Keely, for example. Karlie is up front with Tokyo and tells her that “back in the day” she went on a few dates with Tabius, but nothing happened. Before they can talk about it more their friend, Sierra, shows up and they tell her what Keely told them about Shooter moving on. They also make sure to tell Sierra how Keely was talking bad about her in front of her everyone, which of course upsets Sierra. The good thing to come out of it? Sierra finally agrees to confront Shooter about his alleged love children.

Before we get to Sierra and Shooter’s confrontation, Tokyo plans a date with Tabius so she can question him about Karlie. Even though Karlie said she didn’t sleep with Tabius, Tokyo is still suspicious and wants to hear the truth from her boyfriend. Tabius is honest with Tokyo and tells her that yes, they did go on a few dates, but that they never had sex. Tokyo believes Tabius, so all is right in the world. For now. However, when Tabius learns that it was Keely who prompted all of this, he tells Tokyo that she is their friend, Bleu DaVinci‘s ex.

When Sierra finally has Shooter over to talk about everything, he tells her that he doesn’t feel she was very supportive of him after his son was murdered. Sierra brings up the two alleged love children that she heard about in the show’s season premiere, and Shooter immediately denies the two month old by claiming that the woman is just crazy. However, he admits that it’s totally possible the two year old is his child — it’s just never been confirmed by DNA. Not cool.

And then we have Stevie J. After his child support case is postponed and it’s revealed he won’t be going to jail any time soon, Stevie J decides to participate in a “legacy” photo shoot. The photo shoot is basically Stevie fully dressed while women dressed in lingerie cling to him, rub on his chest and even lick his face. We then find out that Stevie invited Estelita to the photo shoot, and when she arrives they sit down for their first private one-on-one since the season started. Estelita is very honest with Stevie and tells him that she feels he isn’t properly supporting her as an artist, but before she can finish he tells her she needs to be more positive. Stevie then tells her she’s his favorite, and Estelita melts like putty into his hands. It’s actually kind of upsetting to watch, especially when they stand up, embrace and kiss.

Estelita reveals that this meeting has drummed up some “feelings” for Stevie. But how? Anyway, he asks her to be a part of the shoot so she goes in the back to change into the tiniest bits of lingerie that exist and joins Stevie in front of the camera. Erica’s gonna be pissed!

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