Man refuses to foot the bill for his disastrous date saying she was ‘rude’

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Disastrous dates are almost a right of passage until you meet your special someone and as one man has shown they can go from bad to worse

A man in his twenties has shared details of his awful date after he refused to foot the bill when she claimed to have "forgotten her wallet".

The man shared the full-story of his awkward ordeal, posting on readers' forum Reddit, and that he didn't want to pay for his date's meal because she had been "so unpleasant" that he didn't want to see her again.

He explained: "Our date went awful. She was 20 minutes late, she was rude to me (which wasn't new), rude to wait staff (also not new), she complained about everything from the venue, to my food, to my outfit and cologne."

But as the date came to a close things got worse.

He said: "When the bill came I decided I probably shouldn't ask her out again unless I really can't find someone, so when the waitress came and asked about the checks, I firmly said two checks.

He continued: "The girl then said, 'you really know how to make a girl feel special. Do you not bring money on dates."

Things then escalated when the man explained he was on a "low-income" and after 10 minutes of arguing he settled his half with the waitress and left.

His date was then left "for hours" waiting for her friend to bring her wallet before she could leave.

When the bloke found this out he refused to return and instead blocked the woman.

According to him, his friends thought he was in the wrong so he went to Reddit to get some more opinions.

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But the post sparked a flurry of opinions on Reddit with some accusing him of not making it clear to him from the outset that he wasn't stumping up the cash for her dinner.

One said : "Honestly, I think she had it and was just refusing to pay."

Another added: "Having said that, who doesn't bring their wallet out on a date?"

A third commented: “Etiquette experts often say that it’s the person that initiates the date that should pay. Especially if they picked the place to eat.

“Having said that, who doesn’t bring their wallet out on a date? Even if you don’t expect to be paying for the evening’s events, there’s always the chance of an emergency situation.”

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