‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Amber & Matt Nearly Come To Blows & Call It Quits — ‘F*** You’

 ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier nearly came to blows during the April 27 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, when they revealed what they hate most about each other.

It all started when Matt Baier claimed he was sick during the April 27 episode of Marriage Boot Camp. When Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood saw Matt lying down in bed, she started screaming at him and accusing him of lying about his health. In fact, she asked him why he kept going in the bathroom to try to “f*** her” if he was so sick. Growing more and more frustrated by what Matt was saying, Amber finally gave up and headed downstairs for the group’s next activity. But once Amber started telling Dr. Ish and Dr. V about Matt’s situation, they accused her of “raging” at anyone and everyone. They said if she’s not raging at Matt, then she’s raging at her mom. And if she’s not raging at her mom, or Matt, then she’s raging at everyone else. Amber called them liars, but the show rolled back some awful footage showing her… raging at everyone.

Later during another event, when Matt actually started participating, the cast was asked to write down what they hate about themselves on a wooden paddle. Amber’s mom refused to participate because she said there’s nothing about herself that she hates. (We actually laughed out loud during this moment.) Amber, however, participated — albeit reluctantly — and seemed to have fun swatting a punching bag with her paddle. Then, everyone was taken outside and asked to read what they wrote aloud. And this is when Amber and Matt really started fighting.

Amber said she hated the way she let Matt use her for her money, and the way she let him treat her like crap. Matt took notice, but said she wasn’t taking part in the activity the way the doctors had wanted them to. Instead of criticizing herself, she was wording everything in a way so she could really say what she hated about him. When it was his turn to say what he hated about himself, Amber said he was playing the victim. She then said she tried giving him a family, but he said he didn’t that family. And that’s when she told him, “F*** you”. By the end of the episode they were pretty much broken up, but there are still a few episodes left this season, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see how their ending unfolds.

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