‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Amber Threatens To ‘Drop Kick’ Brandi In Her ‘Mother F***ing Head’

Yikes! ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ capped off its current season with a massive fight between Amber Portwood and Brandi Glanville. Did they leave the house unscathed? Find out!

Amber Portwood and Brandi Glanville had a massive clash during the season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, which aired on May 11. About halfway through the episode, Brandi accused Amber of being a narcissist — something she definitely didn’t appreciate. “It’s Amber’s show and Amber’s world and we’re all just living it and I’m sick of all the nonsense,” Brandi said before the rest of the cast mates in the house started hearing screaming coming from the other room. Wanting to see who Amber was yelling at, Brandi’s dad Guy walked into the room, and almost immediately, he tried to break up the argument. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Amber, but the Mob Wives stars told her to respect her elders.

Even so, Brandi continued — “you flip a switch, it’s like crazy. I’m just telling you that you just played a victim and now you’re an asshole.” Amber snapped back, “No motherf***er, I’m not a motherf***ing victim. You understand? Before I flip this f***ing table against your God damn head. So you better shut the f*** up.” Then, the ladies stood up as though they were ready to brawl. “F***ing do something,” Amber demanded, as she threw off her bracelets and got ready to fight Brandi. “Do something before I drop kick you in your motherf***ing head.” Yikes!

Fortunately, the house mates broke the girls up and a fight never happened, but it was super close to going down. So much so, in fact, that Amber threatened to leave the house before her final meeting with the doctors. They eventually coerced her into staying, but Amber and Brandi never stepped foot in the same room ever again.

Recently, Amber talked to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY and described Brandi with these three words: “Hypocrite, puppet, and drama” — so we think it’s safe to say they still dislike each other.

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