‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Karl Dargan Faces A Surprise Lie Detector Test

Karl Dargan sweated it out in the hot seat during the March 7 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, when he was forced to take a lie detector test and answer questions about cheating.

By now, you’d think the stars of Marriage Boot Camp would expect lie detector test day, but each and every season, everyone acts surprised when Judge Lynn Toler walks out and bombards them with the information that they’ll soon be asked to tell the truth about their deepest and darkest secrets. And this season, no one seemed more nervous than Karl Dargan. Especially because he was recently accused of cheating on his wife, Lil’ Mo, after he was caught Facetiming with a mystery woman in the kitchen at night.

“Karl, what’s your question for Mo?” Judge Lynn Toler asked, to which Lil’ Mo said, “Do you trust me?” Judge Lynn Toler agreed that “it’s a good one,” but she was thinking something different. In fact, she said, “I’m going to overrule it because I think you trust her with a whole lot of stuff — your life, your kids, the work, all of that kind of stuff. The question to Mo [that you should be asking is], do you believe Karl is currently cheating on you? That’s your question for her.”

When the Judge asked Lil’ Mo to provide her question, she looked at Karl and asked, “Are you in love with another woman?” Judge Lynn Toler liked it, but in the end it got overruled. “We have heard this story change multiple times over the past few days and we’re going to put this thing to bed. Mo, the question that you are going to ask him is, are you lying about who you were Facetiming in the kitchen? I want to know that,” Judge Lynn Toler explained.

And Karl seemed scared. During a confessional, he said, “Oh man, I don’t know. I ain’t saying nothing — I plead the fifth!” But in the end, he did answer the question. However, before we get to that, let’s talk about Lil’ Mo’s answer to her own question. She told the test taker that she didn’t think Karl was cheating on her, and when the results came back, there was no deception. Just as well, Karl was asked if he was lying about who he was Facetiming with and he said no. And surprisingly, the judge said there was also no deception detected during his test.

While Karl breathed a sigh of relief, Dr. Ish didn’t fully believe the results. In fact, he overheard Karl talking about knowing a friend who beat a lie detector test before, so Dr. Ish wanted to know if Karl used the same tactics, but Karl denied even knowing how to do such a thing. And Lil’ Mo seemed agitated over the accusation, so they sat down and just accepted their results.

And Karl still wouldn’t reveal to the doctors who he was talking to on Facetime.

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