‘Married at First Sight’ reunion bombshells, from gay rumors to baby talk

It’s been three months little while since the four couples on Season 8 of “Married at First Sight” decided whether or not to stay together after their reality show social experiment, in which they married as strangers and lived together for seven weeks.

Lifetime caught up with the couples three months after their dramatic decisions in a reunion special hosted by Kevin Frazier on Tuesday night.

The two pairs who announced their divorce on Decision Day, Jasmine McGriff, 29 and Will Guess, 37 and Kate Sisk, 27 and Luke Cuccurullo, 30, are both still currently divorced.

And the two couples who decided to stay married, Kristine Killingsworth, 28 and Keith Dewar, 29 and
AJ Vollmoeller, 37 and Stephanie Sersen, 35, are still currently together.

But just because their statuses changed doesn’t mean there wasn’t lingering drama to hash out. Here are some of the best bombshell moments.

Luke’s sexuality is finally addressed.

Gay rumors swirled on Twitter about Luke from the beginning of the season. Kate dropped the bomb that during one of their first sexual encounters on their honeymoon, she asked if he was ok, and he said, “No, I feel dead inside,” retreated to the bathroom and said, “I feel repulsed.”

Kate then recalls Luke asked her, ‘Do you think I’m a homosexual?’”

Kate copped to taking notes on her phone about the behavior that made her question Luke’s sexuality. She says that her cousin had texted her Luke’s Facebook profile before their honeymoon, and she began to suspect.

“Your Facebook page said ‘Interested in men and women,'” she recalls. “And it still says to this day that you’re in a relationship with a man — I’m sorry!”

Luke says that a friend changed his status while they were in college at 18, and that they thought it was funny, which Kate didn’t buy. She pointed out that he had many gay friends, and that joking about being interested in men might not be funny to them.

Host Kevin Frazier asked him point blank, “Have you dated men before?” Luke replied, “I’ve never dated men before.” Kate closed the conversation, saying, “I don’t believe it.”

Kate has already moved on.

She’s dating again!

“I’ve actually been seeing someone for about two months now… it’s going great,” she says.

She didn’t reveal the identity of her new boyfriend, but she did say, “He’s a teacher and a writer, really handsome, really genuine… we’re taking things slow.”

Luke says he’s not quite ready to get back out there. “Eventually, yes, but not right now.”

Luke did offer an apology to Kate, which she says gave her closure: “I’m embarrassed by all the behavior and the terrible way I treated you, I really do want you to be happy,” he says.

There’s not much hope of Jasmine and Will reconciling.

Will seemed to think that there was a chance they’d go on a date down the line, in a couple of years. Jasmine admits, “I don’t understand us getting a divorce with the intention of being friends and then dating.”

But she did say, “We’re still friends and overall we still had good times.”

Kristine and Keith said at the end of the episode that they were still holding out, and that they thought Jasmine and Will were still cute together.

None of the couples are pregnant… yet.

Though the show did tease out a big surprise from one of the couples, it wasn’t news of a baby, but rather that Keith and Kristine were buying a house together.

Kristine and Keith explained that even though they were getting busy often, they’re using contraception. Kristine wants to wait four more years to have a baby, but Keith is already down to be a dad.

AJ and Stephanie still want to travel the world a bit more before starting a family.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit for a MAFS baby! Until then, experts are already on the hunt for contestants for Season 9, which will take place in Charlotte, NC.

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