'Marvel Zombies' Series Announced for Disney With 'What If…?' Director

Marvel’s What If…? introduced a number of outlandish scenarios during its run on Disney+, reimagining the Marvel Cinematic Universe that fans know and love. One of the animated series’ episodes adapted the popular Marvel Zombies comics. And it looks like that concept will get fleshed out in further depth in a new Disney+ series with What If…? director Bryan Andrews at the helm.

Marvel announced a ‘Marvel Zombies’ spinoff during Disney+ Day

Streaming service Disney+ celebrated its anniversary with Disney+ Day on Nov. 12, unveiling plenty of new footage for upcoming projects and announcing a few more to boot. Among Marvel’s surprises was the announcement of a spinoff of its animated What If…? series, which will delve deeper into the world teased in its Marvel Zombies-inspired episode.

The episode took the concept from the Marvel Zombies comics and saw the Avengers dealing with the zombie apocalypse — even after some of their colleagues had been turned. Of course, a 30-minute installment hardly covered all the scenarios such a world could bring about. It seems the new animated show will tackle that endeavor.

Disney+ Day didn’t reveal much else about the series, but it did show off its logo — and confirm that What If…? director Bryan Andrews will take the lead on the project.

Bryan Andrews will direct the Disney+ show

According to Marvel, executive producers Bryan Andrews and Zeb Wells will tackle Marvel Zombies. Andrews will direct the upcoming animated series, while Wells pens the script. The website describes the new show as follows:

“The animated series from Marvel Studios reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading zombie scourge.”

Although the studio claims the series is “coming soon,” no release timeline is available just yet. It’s also unclear if any casting decisions have begun. Many MCU stars returned for What If…?, so it’s possible a few could reprise their roles for the Marvel Zombies series.

The streamer officially announced ‘What If…?’ Season 2

Although fans of What If…? already knew that Marvel planned on making a second season, it was refreshing to see the animated series officially renewed. That announcement accompanied the Marvel Zombies one on Disney+ Day, though the studio didn’t offer much insight into the new round of episodes.

Previous interviews suggested the second season would focus on Phase 4 projects like Shang-Chi and Black Widow. Adding new characters to Marvel’s expanding animated lineup certainly sounds like a good idea, especially as the studio works its way through the new films and shows.

Perhaps those characters could join the Marvel Zombies series at some point as well, assuming the show has a lengthy run. Undead Eternals sound like they’d make formidable opponents … but can they really even be undead? Ah, maybe they can fight the zombies instead.

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