Masin Elije Pictures: Man At Center Of Dwight Howard Drama Gains Viral Fame, Has History Of Sordid Claims

Masin Elije is gaining a huge dose of viral fame after making a series of sordid claims against NBA star Dwight Howard, but it’s nothing new for the author and hair company owner.

Elije helped Dwight Howard shoot to the top of Twitter’s trends late on Saturday with a long thread alleging that the two had been in a relationship that Elije broke off after learning Howard was also in a relationship with a transsexual woman. Elije then claimed that Howard and his camp made physical threats against him.

The claims blew up on Twitter, sparking debate over whether Howard should be shamed for allegedly dating a gay man and also plenty of questions about whether the claims were legitimate.

But finding viral attention for viral claims is nothing new for Masin Elije. In fact, just one day before posting the claims against Howard, Masin was going viral for taking to Twitter to share a homophobic message he claimed his mother left for him on Thanksgiving. The thread went viral and was even picked up by the popular LGBT news site LGBTQ Nation.

As the site noted, Masin claimed that his mother asked for him to pay for part of Thanksgiving dinner, which led to a fight and allegedly homophobic statements hurled toward Masin.

“I hung up on her because she said, ‘You’re mad with your life because you were molested and forced to be gay, you don’t have to be gay,’ and this was the voicemail she sent me after I hung up,” he told PinkNews.

“Just forget about I’m being your mother, because I’m not your mother,” she reportedly said on the voicemail. “You’re not my child because I didn’t raise a child like you. When you let that gay devil in your life, guess what? That’s when your a** started changing.”

The series of claims against Dwight Howard have helped him gain viral attention, with pictures of Masin Elije spreading across social media. Many have searched for more information about Masin, finding that he is a self-published author of the book, Industry Hoe, and sells a variety of hair extensions on his website.

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They said those adidas shoes are for thots, so I just threw on some balenciaga’s. Balenciaga’s are for the rich niggas, the credit card scammer niggas ???? #DustyFeet

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You feel the vibe, It’s contagious.

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The viral thread about Dwight Howard also jogged the memory of many other Twitter users, who said that Masin once made similar claims about rapper Playboi Carti last year, saying that the rapper was secretly gay.

Dwight Howard has not responded to the claims made by Masin Elije.

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