Matt Lauer Wants To Make Comeback To TV With Katie Couric According To ‘Radar Online’

Matt Lauer is reportedly eyeing a comeback to TV.

According to Radar Online, Lauer is ready to return to the living rooms of Americans in an effort to win back viewers since sexual misconduct allegations against him surfaced last year. Since the Today Show’s ratings are low, Lauer feels as though it could be the right time for him to star in his own show and even bring some former co-workers with him, including Katie Couric.

As fans of the hit NBC morning show know, Matt Lauer and Katie Couric starred together as anchors of the Today Show for years and Lauer thinks that a reunion is a great idea, according to a source.

“Matt is convinced that enough time has passed to put the scandal behind him and that viewers would come rushing back to him — especially if he teamed with Katie!”

Additionally, Matt wants to lure other people from the Today Show to work with him as the source says that Lauer is looking to “wreak havoc” on the show that ended up firing him and destroying his career.

“Matt knows luring talent from Today would throw the show into chaos,” the source spilled.

And Matt is already reportedly having secret meetings with a few former Today Show execs at Rockefeller Center, according to the report. Don Nash, who left the Today Show in January, has met with Lauer about the possibility of a new show.

The same source claims that ratings for the Today Show have been down in the year since Lauer left and Good Morning America is consistently bringing in more viewers than Today is. The source says that Hoda Kotb, who was named Matt’s replacement last year, and Savannah Guthrie are just not working together and ratings are falling.

“Hoda is a great daytime personality, but she’s not cutting it as a serious news anchor,” the source said.

Now, Savannah is reportedly trying to push Hoda out since ratings are down and has even enlisted the help of Craig Melvin from Weekend Today to sit alongside her and Hoda in hopes that he may take over Hoda’s job at some point in the future.

And if there’s one person who is happy about Hoda being pushed out the door, it’s Matt Lauer. The source shares that it makes Lauer happy that the show is not doing well since he left and he also feels as though Kotb betrayed him.

“Matt feels Hoda hung him out to dry when the scandal broke. Helping Savannah helps him get revenge on Hoda — and cause further chaos at Today. It would also clear the path for his return to Today if his show doesn’t get off the ground!”

It will be interesting to see if Matt does end up starting his own show and if he does, what network may be daring enough to pick it up.

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