How Meghan Markle Fans Can Still Read Her Blog Even Though She Took It Down

Slowly but surely, Meghan Markle has been moving away from the Hollywood actress and lifestyle blogger she once was to make room for her upcoming journey as the newest member of England’s royal family. She and Prince Harry will be starting a brand new life together starting May 19, and although fans are bursting at the seams with anticipation for another royal wedding, it’s still hard to see good things come to an end — including Meghan Markle’s lifestyle blog The Tig.

Never heard of it? Well, The Tig was a "hub for the discerning palate — those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion [and] beauty," according to the now-inactive site’s "About" section per the Wayback Machine, a website that stores internet archives. Thanks to handy tools like that, die-hard Markle fans can relive many recipe, travel, and wellness posts Markle shared during the site’s three-year existence.

Of course, Markle is too well-mannered to leave visitors with a mere and dreary "Sorry, this page could not be reached" error message. No. Where the active homepage of The Tig once lived, now lies a sweet goodbye letter from Markle herself, which reads:

Now, it’s up to the official accounts of the Kensington Palace to live up to the quality content she used to share with her followers. And although the engagement shots of her and Harry that were shared back in December are unbelievably perfect, there’s another destination on the web where fans can get their fix for all things related to Markle’s influence.

Meghan’s Mirror is a website run by two women, Amanda Dishaw and Christine Ross, who have become the "authority on all things related to Markle’s style," per Racked. The founders are joined by 15 other people who spend their days keeping tabs on what they call the "Markle sparkle" — from clothes she is spotted wearing to the eyebrow gel she uses. Someone give these women an award, because in spite of losing The Tig, they are doing us all a service by keeping fans informed on what’s important — all of Meghan Markle’s favorite things.

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