Meghan Markle reportedly went ‘mental’ over blanket color

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She saw red — just the wrong shade.

Meghan Markle reportedly went “mental” when embroidered blankets she ordered came back the wrong tint of red — a pattern of abuse that left two personal assistants quitting within months, according to a report.

Markle had ordered the personally embroidered gifts for guests at a shooting party at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate soon after her Nov. 27 engagement to Prince Harry, a senior royal source told The Times of London.

“When [the blankets] arrived, they weren’t the right shade of red for Meghan, and she went mental at her [personal assistant],” the insider told the UK paper.

The source said Harry’s own assistant “left within months” of Meghan arriving on the scene as his girlfriend.

Melissa Touabti then took over to look after Markle but was so “traumatized” she also quit within months, according to the report.

Harry also “behaved appallingly for months” and had been “rude, petty and stressed about so many small things” — but “he personally apologized to everyone involved” when he heard there was staff unrest, a former aide told the UK paper.

Meghan, however, did not, the former aide said.

The alleged anecdotes came amid accusations of bullying leveled by royal insiders against the Duchess of Sussex ahead of her TV tell-all with Oprah Winfrey set to air Sunday night in the US.

Up to a dozen former royal aides are “queueing up” to register complaints about their treatment, the UK paper insisted.

One senior royal source told the UK Times that Markle came into the royal life underestimating how structured it would be, as well as how low down she would be on the pecking order.

“She wanted to be ‘A’ list — the royal family is beyond ‘A’ list — but she wanted it the Beyoncé way, without restrictions,” the source insisted. 

“She was never up for royal life. Right from the start, she courted rejection.”

Others were aghast at the suggestion that staff were hostile to Markle because of her African-American heritage.

“The diversity policy in the households is exemplary,” one senior source insisted of the monarchy, saying “they have bent over backwards to be inclusive.”

“It is absolutely wrong to say the Palace is institutionally racist. It really isn’t,” the source told the outlet.

Another source said, “Everyone bent over backwards to accommodate her.”

“Now they feel they’re being totally shafted and collectively made to look like racists,” the source complained.

Reps for the Sussexes did not respond to request for comment on the latest claims, the UK Times said — but previously lashed out at the bullying reports as “a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation.”

Either way, the royal household is nervously awaiting Sunday’s TV special.

“Tin hats on,” a Buckingham Palace aide said of the expected bombardment.

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