Did Meghan McCain Drive Sara Haines Out Of ‘The View’? Will Anna Navarro Replace Her? New Report

Was Sara Haines’ swift exit from ‘The View’ because of co-host Meghan McCain? A new report states there was allegedly more to her leaving the show than just wanting to host ‘GMA’!

It’s no secret to The View fans that there was major drama between co-hosts Meghan McCain and Sara Haines. The women sparred weekly over their differing political opinions, and while they get along otherwise on the show, the “bubbly, upbeat and super-positive” Haines has reportedly found her work environment difficult since McCain joined the show in October 2017. Haines announced that she’d be leaving the show, which she’s co-hosted since 2016, to co-host GMA Today with Michael Strahan. And, as a source told Daily Mail, her decision to leave was allegedly because of McCain!

“Sara is such a positive person and brought so much joy to the show. Her infectious energy was refreshing to most and producers because she created a happy environment on set in the midst of chaos,” the source said. Despite that niceness, McCain reportedly never took a liking to Haines, being “cold and dismissive” and allegedly rarely speaking to her! It’s unclear why McCain reportedly doesn’t like Haines.

The last straw for Haines was reportedly when McCain invited co-hosts Sunny Hoskin and Joy Behar out for drinks, then talked about it on air the next day. Haines felt so left out! “Joining The View was a dream for Sara until Meghan came on the show. Now, Sara will be able to thrive in a less-toxic environment with Michael, someone she already enjoys working with,” added the source.

Rumors are swirling that frequent guest host Ana Navarro could now replace Haines permanently on The View! “People love when Ana is on and they respond so well to her. Every show on TV wants their social media moment and she’s definitely good for one,” an ABC insider told DM. The only problem? She’s fluent in politics, but not up on her pop culture. We’ll have to see how this plays out!

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