Mel B & Tyra Banks Cry Over Incredible Sibling Band Performance On ‘AGT’ Premiere — Watch

Mel B and Tyra Banks were brought to tears during sibling band We Three’s incredible performance during the ‘America’s Got Talent’ premiere on May 29. Watch the moving performance now.

America’s Got Talent season 13 made the judges get in touch with their feelings big time during the fun but emotional premiere. We Three, a sibling band from Oregon consisting of Joshua, 27, Bethany, 24, and Manny, 21, hit the stage to perform their original song “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away,” in honor of their late mother. The siblings revealed that their beloved mother died of carcinoma cancer two years ago, and the song is written from her perspective in her final days.

Once the trio started performing, the tears wouldn’t stop coming. The performance was just that beautiful. Mel B and host Tyra Banks were crying by the time the song was over. Howie Mandel comforted Mel B as she composed herself after the emotional performance. Mel B noted that We Three’s performance particularly moved her because her father passed away last year from cancer. After all four judges gave the band a “yes” to move forward in the competition and the show was cutting to commercial break, Mel B asked a producer if she could take two minutes to get her emotions in check.

We Three left the judges completely stunned. Simon Cowell raved that he had just witnessed the “start of something big here.” We agree about We Three! The siblings certainly have some serious talent and so much heart. Their supportive dad was backstage with Tyra watching his kids’ performance from start to finish. “I loved their momma so much,” their dad said through tears. You know their momma would be so proud of their tribute performance and all they’ve accomplished. This is just the beginning of a long career for We Three!

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