Did Melania Trump ‘Question’ Donald Over Stormy After Admitting Knowledge Of Payment?

Melania Trump has been privately dealing with Donald Trump’s response to the shocking payout given to Stormy Daniels after their alleged affair and she’s taking actions that work best for her.

Melania Trump, 48, has been figuring out the best ways to deal with Donald Trump‘s response to the situation with his alleged former lover Stormy Daniels and the payout she received to keep their alleged affair quiet. The First Lady has chosen not to let any knowledge that the Donald may or may not have known about the “hush money” bother her. “When it comes to her every day life with Donald, Melania chooses not to sweat the small stuff, she doesn’t get caught up in the trivial things, she focuses on the big picture,” a source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Melania limits the media that she consumes, and doesn’t spend time reading through social media, as she doesn’t want to poison her mind with all the negativity she knows is out there. When Donald tells Melania his version of events she accepts it at face value—she doesn’t question it or seek out an alternative view, because she believes that would just be counterproductive.”

Despite Melania’s decision to stay away from negativity, she still understands what’s going on with the messy situation. “Melania is a very smart woman, and she’s aware that Donald has a questionable relationship with the truth,” the source continued. “Melania didn’t question Donald over the Stormy Daniels payment—he told her his version of events, and she accepted it. Melania sees no point in trying to catch Donald in a lie, for the sake of living harmoniously she takes what he says at face value.”

Although Melania seems to be keeping a low profile with things, she reportedly hasn’t been enjoying her time as First Lady in the way that she probably should be and is finding the spotlight of the many issues surrounding her and Donald is tough to deal with. Still, we have to commend her loyalty and effort in trying her best and we hope she can continue to figure out the best way to be happy while she’s in the White House!

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