Melania Trump Refuses To Think About Stormy Daniels — Accepts Donald’s Version Of Events

We’re hearing that Melania Trump is doing her best to shut out the constant Stormy Daniels headlines as she tackles her ‘Be Best’campaign! Here’s the EXCLUSIVE details!

Although the eyebrow-raising headlines are near-constant from Stormy Daniels‘, 39, camp regarding her alleged affair with now-President Donald Trump, 71, we’re learning that First Lady Melania Trump, 48, is refusing to pay any attention to the controversy. “Stormy Daniels isn’t even on Melania’s radar, she refuses to spend anytime thinking about her, or to give any time to her accusation,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Melania is really good at tuning out gossip and noise, and remaining focused on the big picture and what’s really important.”

The insider added that instead she is working on rolling out her new her “Be Best” campaign, which she first announced on Monday, May 7. “Melania accepts Donald’s account of the incident, and as far as she is concerned the matter is not worthy of any more thought or discussion. Melania is putting all her energy into being the best mother possible to Barron, supporting her husband, and making sure her ‘Be Best’ campaign is a success—everything else is just radio noise as far as she’s concerned.”

However, as we previously reported, her husband Donald is paying attention to the scandalous news surrounding Stormy — including SNL‘s weekly criticisms of the president, which included an actual appearance from the porn star on May 5! “Melania doesn’t watch Saturday Night Live, but Donald does religiously, and she always dreads it as it puts him in a really foul mood for the rest of the night,” a source close to the First Lady EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Melania has told Donald multiple times to not watch the show, because it’s inevitable he’s going to be lampooned, but he can’t help himself, he just has to tune in, and it drives him crazy.” It sounds like Saturday nights are kinda tense at the White House…

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