Melania Trump’s home nation erects statue of husband Donald – what does it look like?

Melania Trump and Donald Trump may not be happy with the new statue that was recently erected in the First Lady’s home nation of Slovenia. A wooden statue, nearly 25 feet tall, has suddenly popped up on private land in the village of Sela pri Kamniku, about 20 miles northeast of the capital, Ljubljana. However, it might not be to the Trump’s tastes. The statue portrays Donald, 71, in a blue suit and a bright red tie, standing with a fierce look in his blue eyes, his right arm raised straight up in the air with a clenched fist. The statue has a very square head and jaw, and also appears to be unfinished, with a ladder propped up against its head with scrap lumber piled nearby.

Melania Trump: First Lady’s home nation erects statue of husband Donald

The man who designed it was interviewed on a local television statue, however, he wasn’t identified by name.

The designer said the statue was meant to show Trump in the style of Superman or New York’s Statue of Liberty.

Igor Omerza, a former member of the Slovenian parliament and an author who has written about Melania Trump, spotted the statue Wednesday morning. He said it could be interpreted many ways – the raised hand of Lady Liberty or the iron fist of a populist dictator.

He said it is a sign of Slovenia’s “love-hate” relationship with Mr Trump.

“Trump is always in the news.” Mr Omerza said. But, he added, “I don’t believe the young people in this village who built this are in favour of him.”

It comes after a statue of Melania was put up in Slovenia.

In July, a wooden sculpture was created by US artist Brad Downey.

He hired a local chainsaw artist, Alec Zupevc, to carve the design out of a tree trunk.

The tree sculpture depicts Melania wearing a blue dress and waving her left hand like she did at her husband Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

The work caused quite a stir amongst the public, with many pointing out how dissimilar the wood carving looked to Melania.

Brad Downey is known for pulling pranks, which has led many to speculate the statue wasn’t made in Melania’s favour.

However he insisted the statue was made to compliment Melania – who he believes is “absolutely beautiful.”

Donald Trump received backlash after a video emerged of him appearing to “call” Melania over by tapping his leg.

Fans accused the US president of calling his wife over “like a dog.”

In the short video clip, Donald can be seen standing by a car before he looks in the direction of his wife and pats his leg.

At this point, Melania then appears on the camera and walks towards her husband.

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