Men given very tongue-in-cheek vasectomy cakes after getting the snip and we're not sure they'd cheer you up

MEN have posted pictures of cakes their wives have baked them after their vasectomy and we're not sure how much they'd cheer us up.

The procedure itself is pretty simple but can leave a bloke pretty sore – so a supportive partner is a must.

But these women might have missed the mark with some very tongue-in-cheek messages.

A vasectomy – or 'the snip' – is an op which seals sperm tubes to prevent pregnancy.

It does not stop men from having sex or ejaculating, but simply prevents sperm from entering the semen.

It only takes around 15 minutes, but can leave your testicles bruised, swollen or painful.

So we bet these blokes were none too pleased when their other-halves greeted them with some less than sympathetic treats.

From crude jokes and marzipan sperm to a 'snip snip survival kit' and lots of scissors, these cakes poke fun at guys' misfortunate with some hilarious results.

Take a look at the best – or worst – below.

R.I.P  little guy

Painful reminder

What a stitch-up

Harsh truth

Final resting place

Knocked it up in 5 minutes

Sweet reward

Just nut on

Target practice

Freeze a jolly good fellow

Cutting out the past

Swimming away

No beating around the bush

Well earned retirement

Sore snip

Happy V-Day

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